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frog in the garden


I know your prob not going to think this is exiteing but….found a frog in the garden and i nearly passed out with exitement,so when i get the pond in i will have frogs and stuff,when i was little you could see a frog and toads just about anywhere,my teen is now sixteen and didnt see her first frog till she was eleven and i find that realy sad,not just for her but future kids too,just back from work and had to share my news,chris

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It's sad that these animals don't seem so common these days. It's nice you saw the frog and that your daughter could share the experience.

3 Jul, 2010


Thats great - frogs and newts just arrive when you have a pond. Remember to give them some plant cover around the pond for them to hide in as they come and go.

3 Jul, 2010


I have a resident frog in my garden.... but no pond...

Nice that you have a frog too :o)

3 Jul, 2010


I have got quite a few frogs hopping around my garden at the minute , I just wish they would not hop down my drains and die. I have had to fish five out this week (three dead two alive) Even though the drains have grids on the force of the water sometimes moves them,so I now check the drains every day in case any more need rescuing.

3 Jul, 2010


No, i am sad to say, i have not seen many, & i do own a pond...i did see a
baby frog the other day, i ran indoors for my camera, came out expecting it
have, it was still there, i pointed my camera, had it all set up, just
as i went to push the button, the little critter hopped into the bushes in front
of him Grrr....that really spoilt my day..LOL It was not meant to be Ladybug..

3 Jul, 2010


my dad had loads in his garden but the council built fences and onlywhen they had finished did we realize they had blocked the frogs,shame

3 Jul, 2010


Did your dad have a pond? Lb...they do say, once a frog settles in a pond,
they will always return, perhaps, they will come back eventually Lb, they will
find a way..LOL

3 Jul, 2010


thats great ladybug, we have lots around here living close to quite a few fields with ponds, i have a new pond this year and already counted 5 frogs, my cat casper also brings them home for me to lol ;o)

3 Jul, 2010


I love my froggies, I have 8 frogs, 3 toads, 4 newts and 7 fish in my little pond. I love photographing them.

4 Jul, 2010


I can completely understand your excitement. Frogs are brilliant!!

8 Jul, 2010


And so pretty!

9 Jul, 2010


I haven't seen one this year but Roy has. It jumped out of his way when he was clearing up some dead leaves. Apparently it looked like my friend from last year the one I had hoped was a Natterjack toad but was a common frog. Never-the-less it was welcome. I have prepared a bowl with stones and water but no sighting yet of the erstwhile resident frog. Maybe it hopped over to your part of the world!!!

12 Jul, 2010

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