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October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I will be very short and simple. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I remind it regularly. Two of my best friends died of this disease in their later forties.
This is just to remind to all gardeners, that we can fight against this disease also with what we grow in gardens. Do not use chemicals. Pesticides work as pseudohormones. Grow anti-cancer foods.
Here is the link to article on anti-cancer superfoods.

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Thanks for the info katarina x

4 Oct, 2011


Early detection is the key , stay vigilant , everyone . Men are not exempt from it .

4 Oct, 2011


That's true. We tend to forget male breast cancer.

4 Oct, 2011


Male breast cancer is rare. It is less then 1 % of all breast carcinomas. However, breast cancer in men has worse prognosis, because there is tendency towards late diagnosis (diagnosis in later stages).
Back to garden!

5 Oct, 2011


It's good to have a time set aside when we can think and reflect.

5 Oct, 2011


Bless you K for promoting awareness

5 Oct, 2011


Thank you Katarina, most men in reality are shy to show their private bits. I lost a very dear friend, he could talk the hind legs off a dead donkey but when it came to doctors his mouth clammed shut. I hope that the following graphic procedures are not to distressing for all of GOU members who read this post .
My friend had kept telling told me for about two years that he had piles and every time he went to #2s there was a show of blood. Also said he had shows of blood after butt squirts that got more and more regular.
In the end it got too bad see a doctor or I will drag you there .He saw our new Scottish Lady Doctor. To avoid embarrassment she asked my friend to lay on his side facing away from her. Pull down the back of his boxers. He had to pull up his knees towards his chest. Lady doctor gently examined my friend and found things were not as they should be and referred him to see a specialist .
My friend who was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had an operation and was given a bag but sadly he had left it to late the cancer had spread. He use to share a three bedroom council house and I suggested that it might be easier if he down sized. I wrote to my MP explaining the situation and asked for his help. My friend and his brother were contacted by the local council who said they would sort out a bungalow that had been modified for a previous disabled tenant. I will remember for ever him telling me that he had to pop along to our nearest Sue Ryder's Home for a test and he would see me in a couple of days. It was I that visited him. We were always very frank with each other and I said if there is something up there give me a sign. During that night/early morning my whole household was woken by the house and contents all violently shaking . My first earthquake that hit a large part of the UK a few years back now. Sadly my friend died that night only weeks before the move to his new bungalow was to take place.. Breast Cancer Awareness should be for all cancers but for 52 weeks of the year. I also know three ladies that visit my local club every Saturday night for a quickstep jive or foxtrot. One had both of her breasts removed and the other two had one breast each removed BUT they survived and enjoyed leading a normal life. You may ask why I should know but by coincidence one was in the same ward in the opposite bed when I went to visit a friend and the other two ladies were at the same time visiting her. Let's use all of these social sites (with the bosses kind permission first) to bring the BIG don't talk about it 'C' word out into the open as much as some people use the 'F'word and start saving people from this most distressing illness.
Who knows, if my friend had told his doctor about his butt squirts ( as he put it ) instead of me he might still be giving me perpetual earache .
Bless you Katarina, although sad you have jogged fond memories, lets all start tying to end this sadness and pass the word.

Reference to the male of our species , Our 2nd biggest cancer killer, prostrate cancer . I've had this test and it takes seconds. All the doctors do for the prostrate test is push up a a gloved finger up your butt end and feel for any abnormality of the gland. From this simple test they can decide if a Outpatients is needed.

Don't be shy Men, blood in the urine and pain when doing what the glands in our male body main purpose is used for and don't forget to check that sack. Make that all important early detection life saving appointment
Please be clean for your doctor, bath, shower or good wash and clean pants and GOOD LUCK to you all

7 Nov, 2011


Thank you for your comment, Tonny, although you were sometimes too naturalistic, even I am a doctor too.
Those two friends of mine died in spite of the fact they went to a doctor, but late. One knew about abnormal finding on her breast for a long time before her cancer was officialy diagnosed, she was doctor too, but she so much wanted to have a child, that masked it before doctor. She gave birth to a helathy and beautiful boy, but she died 4 years later. The other one was misusing hormonal pills due to painful menstruation.
But I have also positive message for you. Although my specialization in medicine is different from gastroenterology ("doctor for bowels") I managed several patients with bowel cancer who are surviving for many years. Could be also a good constellation of stars, of course. Must be honest - survived only women. Why? One of them was guide in a botanic garden, whom I checked during my visit to the Botanic garden (this is terrible profession, lol), because she fainted while talking with me. In a brief examination in her office (among flowers!) I palpated the tumour in her belly, as it was already as big as a small ball. It was 11 years ago and she is still living. Without colostomy (bag). The other one had late diagnosis as well, already two tumours on her bowels. She went through operation, very heavy and had colostomy for couple of weks, but then she said she is not able to live with the sac on her waist. So she went through another operation and now she has no sac, just many scars on her belly. She is going to toilet as others. Because it is possible in many cases - after some time, correction operation is possible. What is the difference between men and women? I think any. In both sexes success depends on a courage and motivation. If patient has no motivation in the time of diagnosis or is depressed, prognosis is worse even in the Harvard hospital. Women usually have very strong motivation to survive - kids, their husbands. They do all what is needed. Men usually give up ("how can I be manager with the sac on my belly?"). Second - thanks to this motivation women are more prone to start radical changes in their life style - they turn to vegetarian diets and regret sausages, eat special "untasty" herbal products, reduce weight, stop smoking in a one day. So far, if cancer wins or not, depends not just on early detection, good professional care and individual genetics, but also on one´s will to survive. Do not give up!

7 Nov, 2011



26 Nov, 2012


Dear Junna,

people are usually not aware, that non-smokers, who live with smokers (at home or in work) for long period of time, can have lung cancer, too. It is the consequence of so-called "second-hand smoking". In some countries, where people still use open fire, or chimneys for heating their homes, this could be also the reason for lung cancer.
Treatment of this type of cancer is one of the saddest chapters in human medicine, on the other side, I saw several cases of people who to my surprise have survived. So, as you said, cure by miracle :)
So you do not have parents anymore, Junna. I thought you lost just mother.Bless you, Junna.

26 Nov, 2012


Yes, sadly both , sometimes cannot accept it, so What i do is to cry and scream. Our priest is a big help for me to surpass this , I can't even imagine my life without them they were my back up in times of my downfall, so i really hate that disease hoping one day there will be a medicine that could cure all kinds of cancer.Thanks for the info Kat

27 Nov, 2012

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