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January Pics


Today – in Shropshire – the rain is intermittent – the wind is quite warm for the month – but the ground is so soggy – I have taken a few shots around the garden – but please close your eyes to weeds and debris it has been impossible to keep up with jobs when the weather has decided otherwise !!

Lots of snowdrops – not sure of their names – but they are so cheerful and elegant around the garden

Plenty of weeds and the garden is in desperate need of a tidy up and Bluey as always insists on ploughing through the flower beds – but do you know that today as usual there was not one squashed snowdrop – so she is careful not to damage the flowers!!

Lots of daffodils – some from last year and quite a lot in pots planted this year – can’t wait – mostly buds so far – but probably the end of the week will bring a different story

This Helleborus plant has flowered pretty much all year – it is really special to me

These cyclamen are still flowering really well I think they are Coum – I label plants and then the label goes missing

These cyclamen seedlings have been in the cold frame – just brought them out to take a pic of them – they are seedlings from Brian and are doing really well

These ones are just coming through – I am so pleased to get them germinated and look the label is still in place !!

My first Primula Sieboldii is through – quite early I think

And just to finish my last shot – well it is the big bird watch this weekend !!

Best wishes Jane

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Lovely blog Jane, thank you. I did manage to get a bucketful of rubbish off the garden today, but like you..we are extremely waterlogged. I've snowdrops in bud, and if we had a few more hours of sunlight (we had a couple this afternoon) they would surely shoot up. Its lovely to see new growth emerging. The winter has gone by in a flash...but we still have nearly 8 weeks to go. I do hope it will stop raining soon!

27 Jan, 2016


Jane lovely pictures your snowdrops outside are standing up better than mine the ones you showed look very much like ones i have outside called Galatea not 100 % but close,cyclamen look good tiny they are but a breath of fresh air right now one to the front looks like Pseudo Ibericum early if it is,Love the goldfinches wish I could feed them here (to many squirrels)

27 Jan, 2016


Enjoyed your blog, your cyclamen look all go still, mine seem to have given up, wonder if it's too wet for them. Lovely hellebore, is it Helen White? She's on my wish list, what a looker. You're lucky to get those goldfinches on your feeder, we've had just the very 'odd' one here. They are such gorgeous birds, so colourful.
My first snowdrops came out today and two crocusses risked it, no daffies yet. I noticed the wild honeysuckle in the hedgerows greening up as well, very early.

27 Jan, 2016


Oh he's.....big birdwatch.I blogged about that last week but it had gone out of my mind .thanks for the reminder....I won't be putting any goldfinches on mine, alas but I will do it and hope we get a few birds in.
You have so much colour to brighten up a miserable wet wi yer. The wind here today has been wicked.I struggled to keep my car straight whilst driving on a wide dual carriageway today.

27 Jan, 2016


I have so little flowering in my garden at the moment. It is just lovely to see your blog Jane.

27 Jan, 2016


Thankyou all for your comments

Karen - - the sun is actually shining here at the moment I don't know how long for but I think I will go and tidy up my plants in the greenhouse this pm -

Brian - - the snowdrops are a welcome sight - you know until I went to a AGS meeting on snowdrops last year I didn't realise that there were so many varieties -

Resi - - the cyclamen not in a pot is on a raised rockery so it has good drainage - I am not sure of the name of the Hellebore - but I am pretty sure it is one of about six that I bought from Hayloft a couple of years back.

Paulspatch - we get a good amount of finches - goldfinch - greenfinch and chaffinch - they collect together in the hazel tree and then drop down onto the feeders - the garden is beginning to wake up now - but my there is a lot of work to do on it to get it anywhere near presentable

Linda - everyday makes a difference - I am sure you will agree - take a walk around the garden and there is always something happening


28 Jan, 2016


Lovely shots Jane :) I'm happy to see your Cyclamen seeds have germinated.

28 Jan, 2016


Isn't it lovely walking around the garden and seeing the flowers blooming, I did smile at your instruction to not look at the weeds and debris as parts of my garden are in a right state, I have managed two stints in the garden this week, beat the rain both times, today I was armed with my trusty pruners and cut down some of the perenials, now I can see my hellebores and bulbs in one of the beds, far too wet to actually pull the weeds as the plants and bulbs would have come out as well so I used my longhandled fork to just ease the earth around where I had stood to do the cutting and clearing up..Lovely pics Jane, we haven't had any Goldfinches at all this year though we do get many others which I do enjoy watching.....

28 Jan, 2016


Thankyou for your comments -

Hywel - I just could not believe my eyes - but then I did follow Brians' instructions to the book!

Lincslass - yes I think a priority job for me is to cut back the dead perennials especially in our front border - problem there is work has to be done from the lawn so until it is less soggy they will have to wait - hopefully this next week


29 Jan, 2016


what an uplifting blog. such exciting growth taking place.

29 Jan, 2016


Thankyou for your comment Seaburngirl - yes every day something else surprises you - but it is very cold up here today and windy - but we have not had the really bad floods that they have had up north - Jane

30 Jan, 2016


Lovely blog, and lovely double Hellebore!

6 Feb, 2016

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