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Looking through other members photos led me to think of the more unusual ‘fruits’ that can be found in gardens.
For instance, Fuchsia berries are edible, the darker ones having more flavour than the reddish ones. Day lily (Hemerocallis) flowers are said to be edible, though I haven’t tried them. I regulary eat the leaves of Himalayan spinach, otherwise known as Houttuynia; they have a peppery taste and can be eaten raw or steamed like spinach.
A recent article in the RHS Garden magazine about Kiwi fruit suprised me, when it said that Actinidia kolomikta produces very tasty fruits!
You learn something every day…

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Well I never knew you could eat fuchsia berries, tho I must admit the large dark ones on Delta's Sarah this year do look appetising! Fascinating GD!

2 Oct, 2010


I knew about the fuchsias but not Hottuynia. Don't think I fancy either of them lol.
I tried eating Nasturtium leaves last year. Someone on here persuaded me to try them. They are supposed to have a peppery taste, but I coudn't taste anything at all.

2 Oct, 2010


I knew about the fuchsias and daylily, but never heard of the others, I haven't tried any of them, I prefer them in the garden :-)))

2 Oct, 2010


fuchsia jam is gorgeous. I think I suggested nasturiums Hywell, I do taste the peppery bit though one of my girls doesnt. So perhaps you are like her.

2 Oct, 2010


Maybe it's a hereditary thing Seaburngirl. I remember our biology teacher telling us the ability to taste something called phenol phthalene (I think) is hereditary. She gave some for all the class to taste. To me it was like water, but to some others it nearly made them sick :o(( lol

2 Oct, 2010


The same seems to apply to smells Hywell, my OH thinks roses smell sour...poor him! I cant smell tea rose perfume well, but my friend can.

2 Oct, 2010


I agree about smells. A friend of mine always says that jasmin smells like the elephant house at the zoo!!
Don't know about taste though.

3 Oct, 2010


Tell you what Hywell, you sound like you had a great biology teacher..our lessons were much more boring!

3 Oct, 2010


Yes she was very good :o) Miriam Davies her name was ... She never bullied me like the other teachers.

3 Oct, 2010


Thats right Hywel. Its PTU [phenol thio-urea] paper 7ppm [parts per million] I'm a non taster too. Can you smell pepper when you smell freesia, I can OH cant and one of my girls can and the other cant. Thats another genetic thing too. PTU is in unripe fruit and as the fruit ripens it gradully disappears. means that the animals get a nasty taste and dont try unripe fruits in the future. making sure the plants efforts dont go to waste. Clever eh?

Glad you had a good biology teacher. I did too hence my uni choice in zoology/botany. :o)

3 Oct, 2010


Same subjects as me Seaburngirl - but I never went to uni eventhough I was accepted. I had other problems then ... I did them to A level though.

I can't smell pepper with a freesia. I wonder what my parents were like ? Genetics it fascinating.
My brother and I have thick wavy hair, and neither of us has gone bald. My dad had straight hair and went bald, but his father was like my brother and me - lol ... fascinating.

4 Oct, 2010

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