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Land Drain.


Well, I finally got round to it. Putting in a land drain to “hopfully” remove exess water that runs in from public space (other side of the fence, where builders dumped there waste) after heavy rainfall. Fingers crossed then.
First off, sourcing the materials – finally got a good deal at Jewson. "5 mt drain, 1 ton gravel/shingle, X mts weed fabric. 100mm drain conections etc.
Plus one friend to dig the trench.
Well we got started around 9am and after getting everything into the garden we started work. Laying out first of all, first laugh of the day – when we cut the ties holding the drain(25mts x 100mm)it was like releasing the “Lampton Worm” thing took charge for about ten minutes untill we managed to get it uncoiled.

Next stage – removing turf and digging trench, this was arguable the longest part of the job. Thanks to Scott done in good time.he had it all clear and ready by 11.00.
short coffee break
Then on to line the trench with fabric and put in about two inches of gravel.

Next job make connection to main drain, for this I cut into the rainwater drain from conservatory and added a extra metre of pipe so that water would not build up at the foundations.

Now things begin to get a little easier, we lay in and peg the pipe in place. !!

Then we fill with gravel to about an inch from top of trench.

Getting towards the final stage now, wrap over the fabric, and re turf.

Hopfully the turf will grow in ok. will no doubt have to do a little re-seeding in patches as it was quite damp when the work was being carried out.

So anyway thats about my last project for this year, off for some sun next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has a indepth page on this subject.

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Fascinating blog ...
... glad you weren't eaten by the Lampton Worm ;o)

I've added to GoYpedia Rain Damage ...

18 Nov, 2011


That is a very good and clear blog on how to lay a land drain, Geordie.

18 Nov, 2011


Wow, you've been busy. Where you off to then?

18 Nov, 2011


Thank you for kind comments. A warm pre-Christmas break in Sharm, Sheilar.

18 Nov, 2011


Well have a wonderful time - I've never been myself but have heard only good things about it. Enjoy

18 Nov, 2011


Thanks, taking my camera this year so will post a few pic when I get back. Floral of course.

18 Nov, 2011


A good job done ! I hope it will be better for you now.
Have a nice hol :o)

18 Nov, 2011


looks like a lot of hard work - I think you deserve that holiday - enjoy!

18 Nov, 2011


Please can you tell me what fabric you used to line the trenches with.
Cheers John

19 Oct, 2012


Hi John,
I used heavy duty weed membrane from local garden centre. Hope that helps.

19 Oct, 2012

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