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By eirlys


I persuaded my husband to plant laurel at the back of a seat in our garden to keep out the draughts! He said laurel was fast-growing which, I thought, was a bonus.

This week we have decided to have the laurel HEDGE cut down really low as it is taking over and looming over everything.

The young man whose firm is going to do the job certainly knows his stuff as he noticed all the other trees which, we knew needed doing. Some have fallen ; some are ready to fall. As telegraph wires are nearby the trees there are our responsibility.

The hedge backs on to a Nature Reserve and larger sections of timber will be left for wildlife.

We had thought of offering the laurel wood to our neighbour but, even though she has a wood-burner, have changed our minds. Did you know burning laurel produces cyanide gas?

A wood-burner would be fine, our young man assured us, but I prefer not to take the risk!!

So, as far as I am concerned the laurel is no longer welcome in our garden. It might have been great as a laurel wreath but I don’t like the sound of that last word.

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Goodness, it certainly dwarfs the seat! Well,you did ask for something quick growing...
Interesting about the cyanide. Never heard that so googled it -lots of links there that say its OK if left for a month or so before burning, but you're probably wise to play safe...

15 Aug, 2015


Yes...they can grow into monsters,Laurel.

15 Aug, 2015


We don't need the wood, Steragram, and we like our neighbour. So better safe than sorry!!

Agreed, Paul. Plant and stand back quickly!!

16 Aug, 2015



16 Aug, 2015


Absolutely no problem burning laurel but not when it's green - let it dry out, just like any other wood.
you can burn the small stuff with leaves on but the oils in the leaves will make it burn very quick and very hot and very smokey - so best done well away from houses and in a proper incinerator bin rather than from a pile.
Or offer it to the local group organising bonfire night (my rival cricket club starts collecting around now)

17 Aug, 2015


We will have tons of the stuff. Fortunately the people clearing will take it all away as it will be used for some form of "energy". Didn't question that. We'll be glad to see the back of it.

17 Aug, 2015


We have one trees that have grown too tall and will have to go. They are giving parts of the garden too much shade now!

Getting rid of them will be difficult and costly I think!

17 Aug, 2015


Yes, we have that problem also though we don't use that word. The trees we planted as seeds , or cuttings, in 1962 are big now. The chap organising the laurel - cull looked at them all to check they were safe! We had one that had died but as it was well-supported by adjoining trees he advised us to leave it for the woodpeckers. nice thought as he could have added it to our bill!

Do you have tree roots that show up on your lawn, Wildrose?

18 Aug, 2015

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