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Spring well sprung


By dorjac


The daffs are over. The tulips are going over too. Apple and pear blossom fertilised quite well. The old big sink refurbished. Geraniums and fuchsias blooming merrily and the Heucheras coming into flower, depending on name. A bit of a frost this morning, so million bells petunias popped back into the little greenhouse for the night.

The old Camellia is finished flowering and growing fast at the top. Time to think of reigning it in! The one in front blooms later but is temperamental and balls some of its flowers. The laurel 2 junipers and a cheeky ivy are my modest version of ‘cloud cutting’. Bit straggly, as they are starting into life after being neat all winter. The big old mahonia is piled up with berries and the birds are onto the feast

An Asphodel bud, looking a bit like a bunch of bannanas. Doing OK in its new place with a bottle sunk next to it. The slim leaves make the tulips behind it look misty.

Plants for the sink bought last Sunday and now in situ with the Meerkats. Just trying if the battery will charge then they can go anywhere if no lights need to be kept charged. Found bags of pea gravel I could carry, so job done.

Fuchsias and Perlargoniums blooming and budding all winter long under canopy shelter. Still need sorting out. Fresh compost on top and water granules +fertiliser balls. The rose near them is faltering so needs to be replaced with a different plant. Pot too large for me to empty out. So refreshment as above and think up new occupant for the pot.

The laburnum and Hazel have at last been scalped. They worried me in the severe gales we had, and shaded the garden in the late afternoon and evening. Once the circle was cleared and crazy paved it was easier for the two nice guys to get at the trees to shorten them. Job soon done and into the shredder.

The dutch Iris are on the rampage. 3-4 foot tall this year. They have been there some time now. I tried to dig them out but could not reach down to them! Lovely flowers though, but dominating the front of the border.

Finally Spooky in his or her lair resting for a bit of quiet away from the top of a car in Brook Lodge car park. Still going strong in spite of winter out doors. Gets fed and a bit of fussing by a lady nextdoor but often in our garden.

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Lovely! You really do live in a different country to me! I deadheaded the first of my early flowering daffs today! My Acers are 'just' unfurling their leaves, and there's not a tulip in flower yet! But you are moving in to summer already, and it's only Mid April!

15 Apr, 2014


Agree with Karen, your garden is way ahead of ours. How I wish my Dutch Iris looked like yours. I grow them in a pot but might try some in the ground this year.
I'll bet chopping those trees a bit will make a massive difference in your garden. Good luck finding a replacement for the Rose.

15 Apr, 2014


Thanks Karen and Scottish. It really is so far ahead this year, it is amazing. The trees really did worry me in the raging winds we had, even while they had leaves still on them. The Dutch Iris have been in this postion a long time and the rain and mild winter have done the rest. Not really down to me. At least it was/is colourful when we need cheering up a bit! When the perlargs get a head start like this year, they really do go for it bloomwise.

16 Apr, 2014


Your garden is looking good, Dorjac. Glad the trees were finally sorted too. I have had to sort out my sink too - it became so wet as I never got around to protecting it like I planned to! Next winter I am determined to be more organised. I like Spooky sitting in his hidey-hole - he looks very established :) Have a happy Easter.

19 Apr, 2014


Thanks Gee. I hope you have a good Easter too. We are very quiet here. Spooky has just asked at the back door to be let in. I know what he will do is walk to the front door to be let out to go the easy way to Brook Lodge! Instead of over the high wall, or along a lower fence, the roof, onto the canopy and then on the wall and down into the street. One smart cat. Sinks or troughs don't last long. Always intruders want to move in, moss, lavender, dandelions, etc. I was determined to get it done fast.

20 Apr, 2014

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