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In bloom in April


By dorjac


This is a remarkable year as far as I am concerned. Early flowering is amazing.

Tree peony

Amazing what appears from a really tight bud so rapidly in warm sunshine.

The jungly view from our new seating area. Circle gone at last.

Our Mahonia is getting too shading. Never seen so many ripe berries. They issue a blood red fluid when bruised and have a wonderful bloom on them. I prune sawed one easily got at branch off it, but it nearly filled the green bin! Starlings and blackbirds love the berries.

3 blossoms at the top of the smallest camellia. Getting late now for these wonderful shrubs.

All these pots have had so far is a dose or two of tomato fertiliser and left uncovered under the canopy all winter. As soon as they had the tomato juice they flung themselves into bloom!

Stoplight seems easy to propogate, as I have 5 of them now all doing well too. Some others not so easy. I lost Sweet tea to a sudden collapse from vine weevils and could not get sprigs to root.

This Berry smoothie? is 3 rooted sprigs, so I was very pleased.

Out from under the canopy Heucheras are going well after all the disturbance they have had. The Coums on the right bloomed really well all winter and the leaves still persist. They are now seeding really well and easy to transfere. I just pop the tiny rooted seedlings on top of some soil in a pot and off they go and bloom in the same season.

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beautiful collection of plants!

25 Apr, 2014


Thanks for the comment Bathgate, all the way from New York. Our garden is my refuge too. Not much room for veggies but apples, pears, blackberries, jostaberries, grapes, chives. Just added a Tayberry. We used to grow lots of veg in our previous larger garden.

25 Apr, 2014


You have some lovely heucheras Dorjac. Stoplight doesn't seem very happy in this garden, I don't know why as its in a shady sheltered spot.

25 Apr, 2014


Your garden is looking wonderful. Re your comment about Sweet Tea - I've tried this plant 3 times and each time it fails. Perhaps it's a weak plant. You often find that don't you? None of the 3 I tried succumb to vine weevil - Obsidian is just the same. I'm just about to rip it out and bin it.
My Camellias are just coming out now, which is normal here but lots more are bounding away.
Your garden is looking gorgeous Dorjac!

25 Apr, 2014


Oh I love pears!! I eat one every morning. What kind are you growing? I love the Anjou Pears. I wish I had space for fruit trees. I've planted carrots, potatoes, onions and beets and all is looking good so far - tomatoes plants are growing on the kitchen window.

25 Apr, 2014


Your garden is lovely Dorjac and all of your plants look so healthy, everything is so far ahead this year in all the gardens, you have some smashing Heucheras, I have found they do better in pots than in the ground so now just keep all mine in pots, I will be a happy goyer if they do as well as yours.
Lovely photo's...

25 Apr, 2014


I like pears a lot Bathgate. We have Conference, Doyenne du Comice and Beurre du something as the name on the label has faded on dwarf rooting stock, the other one has no label left. Scottish my sweet tea grew huge and looked great. Then the top blew off in one of the gales! Steragram the label on my Main Stoplight says full sun or half shade. They are dotted around and are off sprigs but the main one is under the canopy facing SW.

26 Apr, 2014

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