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January 2013


By dorjac


Just recently, as I washed the dishes, I noticed a tiny wren in the Choisya near the compost bin. Flittering about, picking at the leaves and twigs. Near too were a robin/starlings/chaffinches/ a troop of argumentative blackbirds. The odd sparrow and quite a lot of greenfinches, plus many tits/coal/great and blue. All very busy seeking food. I thought the wren went in a woven fibre roosting pocket….wasn’t sure, till he popped out and back in again…..hurray…… I’ve a wren in my roosting pocket. Er, wait a minute….why has it all gone quiet of a sudden?

Here is the reason why the birds went and hid. A newly minted kitten cat, hunting a tiny wren using the roosting pocket. Not long after the photo taken he fell out of the small tree Ha Ha Ha. It seems that black and white cats can be crazy creatures. Our lovely Henry was homed to us, as he was too daffy for his elderly owner to cope! One of the first of his exploits was to run up our front nets after a blue bottle! I was not pleased but can’t say I wasn’t warned.

This is ‘feral ginger’ who ruled the garden for over a year, until he got mortally ill on the run up to Christmas. He never chased birds only other cats out of his territory. I tried to see him off but nothing worked. He truly walked by himself, and was unapproachable until he got ill. The RSPCA came and caged him and that was it. So now all the moggies are back after the birds.

These wonderful violas were fine in mid November. Later I popped them in my little greenhouse because of a bad weather forecast…frost etc. They later grew a grey beard all over boo hoo and need a number one haircut….shame.

A pretty arrangement of chrysants sent via florists, by a friend, for my birthday. Very welcome. Later I found there was a huge block of oasis. The stems were about 2 inches long and just the base of leaves stuck in the oasis. Is this standard practice and legitimate deceit or what? Sorry bit grumpy…..must be the weather getting in my psyche!! Just had an hour or two of sunshine….now back to the usual grey. Cheers and over and out.

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I remember Ginger well and the little black and white one is naughty, lol, our cats keep me on my toes, they know full well that stalking the birds is off limits but no they don`t listen, most of the birds are in the very tall hawthorn and safe until the babes take flight but little Jennywren insists every year on building under the waterfall, our cats spend hours under the juniper lying in wait and yet still the birds come back, I` ve never had anything actually use my pouches.........
Yes those flower arrangements are common practice, seems wrong to me but we still pay the price ....

8 Jan, 2013


It's the first time Iv'e seen this naughty black and white cat Lincslass. First time the pouch has been used, as far as I can tell. The tree has large leaves until very late,so the pouch is usually concealed until late in the year. It was my friend who payed the price from a long distance away. The leaf additions lasted only about 3 to four days. I am glad your little wrennies didn't let the cats frighten them away.

8 Jan, 2013


What's with these pouches then ? I don't think that I have heard of them .
Lovely pics , by the way . Those voilas were truly beau tiful , Dorjac .

8 Jan, 2013


i've had the same experience with oasis arrangements :o( still pretty to look at though.
wrens are excellent little birds we have 3 flitting around the pond. all avoid one pot which must be the territory marker.

8 Jan, 2013


We had a wren nesting in the top corner of our downstairs patio last year and I believe the nest may still be there if Partner has forgotten about removing it! Do wrens return to old nests?

9 Jan, 2013


Very sad Driad..... oh it rhymes....about those pretty violas. They grew a fuzzy grey beard over the top of the flowers. I put them in the mini greenhouse, away from the forecast frosts. Should left them hanging on the fence in the fancy container. We live and my mum used to say.

9 Jan, 2013


Shame about the violas Dorjac. Violas don't seem to mind the cold. Where it's been damp we've had botrytis on our geraniums.....lack of air flow methinks, and they haven't dried out and the pots have kept wet. Lovely to see the wrens again. We have one visit our garden. One local cat is a terror to the birds so he gets the water treatment. It doesn't hurt him but he sure goes like a rocket as the water gets to him.

9 Jan, 2013


How lovely to spot the wren, Dorjac, my favourite little bird. Hope they do nest with you this year. The constant drizzle and all the mud in the woods has made me grumpy too. I've taken to tramping round the streets just to avoid it or going down to the garden centre (as if I need an excuse) but it works out expensive as I always come back with something! You violas were stunning - mine don't seem to have done much this year, waterlogged I suspect :(

10 Jan, 2013


You do love your woodland walks Gee.....but if you slipped and fell in the woods on a cold day..... and no one came quickly you could be in trouble. I think most people are fed up with this constant grey cloud low above us and far too much rain. Fortunately our garden does not get soggy as yours might in this weather. It isn't very inspiring walking, dog or no dog, round us here. You see cans in the gutter and bottles of alcopops on top of walls. Discarded umbrellas.....lots of those recently....I wonder why? Supermarket trolleys in the river too. An upended tele on a stand, complete with cord and plug on the walk up from the river footbridge. It was not there the next day thank goodness. See, I'm still moaning and got the grumps. 4 degrees on the garden thermometer brrrrr.

11 Jan, 2013

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