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Sunny, mild Autumn afternoon


By dorjac


So warm and sunny today. The leaves are not off the trees so quickly this year. Autumn colours very patchy. Must be all that rain I suppose. I thought I would put on record this slow season. All the apples are down. Leaves off the Hawthorn and nearly off the Rowan. Hazel is reluctant to let its leaves go. Laburnum …..not bloomin likely am I letting my leaves go. The Mahonia is a blaze of scented yellow sprays. All a bit different. I used to reckon bare by 11/11 but not in 2012.

Sunshine through the Hazel leaves. Lots still to fall.

Most of leaves on top are down. Lovely colours but not many berries.

Bought packs of these bags sale price. They all disapeared completely that I used last autumn. Useful to protect a tender root perhaps. Must use them up.

NERINE. So pretty for this time of the year. I have a much bigger clump in the ground but going over now, as they bloom earlier.

CHECKER BOARD FUCHSIA still looking good. Waiting for a deeper frost that the 3 we have had so far.

HAPPY WEDDING FUCHSIA. This is the one I have to protect. Near the wall bag of leaves in front and a fleecy jacket. The trouble is I can’t bear to cut it back just yet. So pop it indoors overnight if frosty. So endeth my autumn blog.

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You are so lucky Fuchsias are indoors. It is really cold here.

14 Nov, 2012


Hi Dorjac...
Pretty pics of the trees ... and your fuchsias are doing well ... lovely sunshine :o)

14 Nov, 2012


Great pics , Dorjac , it has been a lovely afternoon ; and yesterday was even better .
Things are a bit later than usual I think .
Planted the pots with lots of bulbs today , crocus , anemone , Puschkinia Libanotica (I'm showing off here , I don't do Latin names much ), and Chino-Doxa , Glory of the Snow . I found plenty of last year's bulbs in the greenhouse too , so they 've all gone in .
Apart from tidying up , it will all be greenhouse work now until the Spring .
Love your fushias .

14 Nov, 2012


Thanks Linda, TT and Driad I am happy you had a useful sunny chance to pot up your bulbs. I still have a few to do. So much further North than Essex Linda, so you have to be extra careful with tender Fuchsias. Misty here this morning.Now the garden is a sort of golden brown finally it is autumn in our garden.

15 Nov, 2012


Great blog Dorjac, you had a lovely blue sky, we are having proper Nov days now, grey, foggy and definitely the end for most of my flowers, no frost as such though so the dahlia`s are still in the ground, lots of leaves to fall still.....

15 Nov, 2012


Looks like you have had a nice day , still lots blooming in your garden, my Fuchsias are also still blooming well and like you Im reluctant to cut then down yet, lovely day here too will probably put them in the little Greenhouse tomorrow just in case!!

15 Nov, 2012


Thanks PP. This fuchsia is very tender and is on a short standard. It seems to come into its own at this time of the year. In summer it drops the flowers too quickly. Probably a water issue. So it preferes the cooler weather.

17 Nov, 2012


Hope you have taken a few cuttings of it, just in case!!

17 Nov, 2012


I will try some PP( tried a while back but none took) when I trim it back to go into its winter fleece jacket. It's 6 years I've had this fuchsia and lots of cuttings rooted but , so far, the only one to survive the winters .

18 Nov, 2012


Hope your cuttings take Dorijac, I tried some in a glass of water on the windowsill indoors and they rooted within three weeks and are doing very well now;0)

19 Nov, 2012

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