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If you're thinking about buying/making a Christmas wreath


Found amongst my mother’s papers. Even though you may not be religious I thought it might still be of interest. (It was originally written in the form of a circle).


THE WREATH:- Circle of everlasting life
ROSEMARY:- Is for remembrance. We remember the birth of Jesus.
CHRISTMAS ROSE:- The white Hellebore which springs from a black seed;
Dedicated to Mary the Mother of Jesus who brought
Light to the World
IVY:- Is for Constancy. We all have our faults but
God’s Love is Constant.
JUNIPER:- Is resilient, it bends in the wind but does not break.
Whatever problems you encounter may you bend but never break.
PINE:- The 2 needle Pine denotes Faithfulness; when one needle
falls the other quickly follows. May you always be
Faithful to God and to one another.
HOLLY:- Is the symbol of Goodwill and Christmas Joy
It’s clusters of berries denote
Close friendships in abundance
MISTLETOE:- Means welcome, Peace & Light
We welcome the birth of Jesus, the
And Light of the World.

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Thats very interesting, thankyou Diggin...

3 Dec, 2012


Thats interesting, most seem just to be holly when you buy them, the holly meaning is lovely though (what I can't abide is those with plastic flowers. Ugh)

3 Dec, 2012


Did you watch Allesandro the singing Friar on Sunday morning ? Absolutely wonderful voice. Must try to get his recording. Flowers and music help to heal, and he certainly heals all our problems.

4 Dec, 2012


Interesting - I knew nothing of the meanings behind Christmas plants!

5 Dec, 2012


That was interesting. It's nice to know the story behind things :o)

13 Dec, 2012


Thanks for your comments. It's nice to know that you found it interesting. My mother was a lecturer in Floristry, horticulture and a professor of Ikebana and I keep finding little snippets like the one above that she used in her classes.

14 Dec, 2012


Thank you for that, Digginfit. I do love these traditions, and even though they may not be essentially religious, I think they are important. The Advent wreath is an old European custom which seems to have been revived in recent times. I don't remember seeing one when I was young. I just love the sense of continuity in such practices.

The meaning of mistletoe is interesting. For a long time it was seen as a pagan symbol and never allowed in church, but I think the attitude has changed quite a bit. I don't use it, but that is mainly because - despite trying to grow it on an apple tree many years ago - I don't gave access to any.

27 Nov, 2014


I'm glad I took you up on your invitation to view your blog on Mel's blog on her Advent wreath. I had never heard this explanation before and it makes interesting reading. I love to find out about the history of why we do things. Thank you.

28 Nov, 2014


I'm pleased you found the piece interesting Sg and Melchi. My mum was grand old soul, who had been involved with plants and flowers for most of her life apart form a short stint in the St John's Ambulance brigade during the war. She ran her own nursery, had a private residential floristry school and was a national examiner. Eventually she became senior lecturer in Horticulture and floristry at a Technical college. She was very proud of the fact that she was the first English professor in the Sogetsu school of Ikebana. Sadly she died last December aged 98. But it's nice to know that some of her 'teaching materials' are still of interest.

28 Nov, 2014


Your mother sounds wonderful, Digginfit!

My grandmother was also a devoted gardener and flower person, though not professionally. She was a great influence on me, and I hardly go into the garden without something reminding me of her. She died in 1991, and I still miss her.

28 Nov, 2014

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