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Recently I needed to buy a new pair of gardening shoes. The two pairs of old shoes I had been wearing were well past it. I found a pair that were perfect; velcro fastening for ease of getting them off fast if needed and nice thick soles. But, they were a tad expensive. I said to the lady in the shop, they’re just what I need but a bit expensive for gardening in, to which she replied, Do you need new shoes for gardening? Haven’t you got an old pair of slippers you can use?!!

Hmm. Spreading and digging in compost in slippers? Trudging in mud after it’s rained in slippers? Mowing the lawn in slippers? I think not!

Is it just me? Do many of you wear slippers for gardening?

I did find a brilliant pair in another shop for only £25. Bargain.

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I did laugh at reading this, I admit I have over the years been known to garden in my slippers, thats because when nipping outside for something I often get sidetracked and see something that needs attention, in the summer I wear flipflops around the home and the same thing happens but serious gardening jobs I have old shoes that I use, I do have proper waterproof gardening shoes as well as my wellies but to be honest if its not seriously wet I much prefer my comfy old shoes.....

1 May, 2015


Hi, I usually wear a pair of £10 trainers with velcro fastenings, or wellies if it's wet, Derek.

1 May, 2015


Lol, a spoonful of vanish in with the washing powder Steve, it works wonders.....

1 May, 2015


You are all so lucky to be able to choose what to put on your feet - mine are so wide and short that I can't get anything in town and have to buy expensive ones by post. Wellies one size too big are my best bet but not so good in hot weather!

2 May, 2015


Snoop I couldn't think what you meant until I'd thought about it - you shouldn't have pointed it out!

2 May, 2015


I must confess I often garden in my slippers (but they are leather mocassin type) - if its raining I wear my walking boots :)

3 May, 2015


I wear an old pair of 'deck shoes' for gardening . . . VERY old (10 years?), they just never seem to wear out!

19 May, 2015


I've got wellies, just hate wearing them. The new shoes I bought are brilliant. Just the job!

19 May, 2015


I bought a pair of crocs for £1.95 from one of those shops that sells everything, about 4 or 5 years ago. I wear them all the time around the house as well as for gardening. They're ideal for popping down the garden to the washing line when the grass is wet. Unfortunately, I've worn them so much the tread has worn down and they slipped on a wet leaf last week. Having just recovered from a broken foot due to an unfortunate incident with wet sandals on the decking and almost face-planting a spiders web....(don't ask).....I've decided my favourite crocs have come to the end of their life :-(
For £1.95 I've had years of comfort and versatility! What is the possibility of finding another pair so cheap and long lasting, eh? I'm guessing it'll be near impossible!

7 Oct, 2015

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