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The gardeners who worked on Estates years ago


can teach us all something.
I have ‘Tales from the country estates’ by John Bailey
from the library.
The chapter about Knebworth House Page 96 has a
photograph of the Herb Garden there, designed by Gertrude Jekyll.
It is interesting because the Herbs are allowed to grow to their full size in beds surrounded by bricks mortared in
with the ends touching, making a dry maintenance free
pathway for the herb gatherer.
A keen fresh Herb cook who doesnt have time for gardening could do this effectively in a modern garden.
The plants grow so close together, there is no room for weeds to accumulate.

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Oh I read this book a few years ago. it was wonderful to see what used to be done when they had an army of gardeners at their disposal.

25 Jun, 2017


There were 38 gardeners at Chatsworth, but it was a huge acreage of land to work.
My thinking is that this 'Herb Garden' idea can be adapted to a small back garden by someone whose only interest is cooking. James Wong has done it in the rear of his flat.
The plants must be there for years to become 3 feet tall.
I planted Rosemary and Mint in tubs on my balcony but they are still quite small.

26 Jun, 2017


I have herbs in pots outside the kitchen door. My grandmother used to have herbs as hedges! As children we were encouraged to rub sage leaves into our gums. Maybe that's why I still have my own teeth!!

Visits to NT properties drive home the fact that it took an army of gardeners to keep them looking good. WW1 took a toll on these under gardeners.

27 Jun, 2017

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