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A long cold spring, a summer of Sahara desert hot winds


what have we learned ?

I am now convinced plants need more nourishment and
moisture retention care to justify our claim to be gardeners on the side of our country east of Wales.

Old potting compost should not be thrown on the garden.

Compressed wood shavings pet litter is only £1.78 a small pack.

Plain brown cardboard boxes are thrown out by various
shops offering copying/inkjet services.

We all have the long winter evenings of boredom with
T/V programmes we have seen before. We all have a pair of curved nail scissors with which to split this cardboard into very small pieces and save in polystyrene bags to use.

We all go to the Garden Centre and can afford to buy packs of Blood, Fish & Bone fertiliser £3.99 and bags
of Horticultural Sand £1.98 on every visit. A plastic one pint container of each to a large box is enough to use.

The large plastic box outside is cheap enough. A long hand fork £6 to mix all these ingredients to rot down, and make Recycled Compost to insert around new plant roots to protect them as we buy them, from these awful weather conditions next year.

Cheap enough. Just requires thought and effort.
Peat free, so environmentally friendly on all counts.

I bought a new Clematis yesterday. Am not interested in its name. I am going out now to take out all the old compost in a large tub, save it for recycling in large old plastic pots. Removing the Recycled Potting Compost made with the above recipe from my large plastic box,
refill the large tub, and plant the Clematis with large pebbles on the surface to keep its roots cool and moist, where it will be able to withstand whatever the Atlantic storms throw at us next year.

Give it a try. Well worth the effort.

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p.s. I noticed this morning that the plants I replanted in the above compost are now flowering. Thats a sign the growing conditions are right, and they are happy.
If they are happy, I am happy.

The Clematis is ( "Not tonight") JOSEPHINE. So I shall
remember that.

11 Aug, 2015


Sounds good Diane, we have just started using a cat litter that is suitable for composting and our little red worms love it and work twice as hard which is good for my compost, that is used only on the flower beds and around the shrubs though, not where the veggies grow...
I tipped the contents from one of my bins in my square bed last springtime and the lettuce and dwarf runner beans are the best I have had in donkeys years...

12 Aug, 2015


Garden soil is ground up rock LL. Plant roots feed on the decayed matter that clings to each grain. Therefore the more moisture retaining matter dug into the ground means better crops.
If you have any advice about using less water in heatwaves please tell us all. We have to learn this year, and remember. I write it on the end of December on my calendar, as I forget over the winter.

13 Aug, 2015

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