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H.M.Govt are concerned about the cost of caring for elderly people who have become neglected and ill.
On Christmas Day I learned that a relative has severe dementia. He cannot recognise anyone, or remember anyone.
When younger he ran a local football team.
I remember him as a devoted Ambulance driver. He loved his job. He cared for everyone he encountered in life.
He didnt live in this town. I lost contact with him.
I can only presume, after he retired he lost the
momentum that governed his working life.
As so many do. Its called ‘loneliness.’
The next generation are busy with their lives.
A strong interest in gardening is the ideal way to counteract this problem.
Allotments are a very valuable community asset.
Its not about saving pennies. Its saving your mental allertness. Preserving your life. Getting out of the house, for a couple of hours. Meeting new friends.
This is an appeal to GOY members to have a look at your
local allotment field. Are the plots all let ? Is there a waiting list? Does the Committee need more land ?
If you are a tenant, can you give a car lift to a person who lives alone and could take 5 pole ?
This problem can be solved if all communities care about
the elderly. We have a bond with gardens, many have known it all their lives, dont let them lose it !
Happy New Year,
Diane Bulley.

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Happy New Year Diane and Best Wishes for 2015..x

1 Jan, 2015


Hi Diane, you've certainly got it right, they're concerned about the cost, what they're not concerned about are the people themselves, I'm sure that if this government had it's way, they would introduce compulsory euthanasia when a certain age is reached, as it is, all they can do is add another 5 years to the retirement age for men, and another 10 years for women, they don't appreciate that it's the elderly that have paid national insurance contributions all their working lives, and that their pittance of a state pension is a right that they have paid for, not a gift from the government, it really annoys me when I hear on tv, that someone in government has suggested that we should have some sort of insurance cover, we already have, it's called national insurance, I think it's time that all governments stopped looking on the elderly as a drain on the public purse, and appreciate them as an important part of society, and should be looked after as such, after all it's the elderly that made this country what it is, { and I won't even mention the amount of money spent on foreign aid} , Derek.

1 Jan, 2015


Happy new year Diane, Derek.

1 Jan, 2015


I agree with the above too..Happy New Year,Diane..

1 Jan, 2015


To avoid these illnesses people need to keep the daily momentum going. Every day.
I always said when we are responsible for an allotment,
we have to go to the field and look after it.
That is the momentum.
I am a walking stick gardener now. My back will never be back to normal. So I am told.
I cant stay in my flat doing nothing, thats how my brain
will go rusty.
I have just asked for 5 pole when available. Vegetables
are cheap, readily available. I dont need to do a plot.
But what I do with the time I save ?
Everything that is lost should be replaced. That means
fill the time. Nothing to do with poiitics.

1 Jan, 2015


Here in Bracknell there is a three year waiting list for an allotment, but there is one where the owner only 'tidies' it before the annual inspection, and does nothing for the rest of the year. He is depriving someone who really wants one, yet the council allow him to remain on the plot.

1 Jan, 2015


I agree Diane, sadly no available land near here for allotments.

happy new year to you.

1 Jan, 2015


Hi Andrew. The 3 month Rule should be applied on all
allotment fields.
When the plot is let the new tenant is told it has to be used
to grow produce and kept tidy. If this is not done for any
3 months and no notification of illness is given to the steward, then the Committee send the erring tenant a
letter stating he/she has to get the plot into good order
within 3 months or it will be offered to the next person
on the waiting list.
The big problem is Couch Grass. If it gets established at
certain times of the year, and the tenant leaves, the next
person has all the work to do clearing it.
Its a terrible shame when good land is affected like this.
Basically, its the Field Committee at fault, the Council probably dont inspect the plots.
Its even worse with clay soil.

4 Jan, 2015

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