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Think of love as a human gift this Christmas.


We share this love with animals who need us.
They are not permanent gifts to us.
We are custodians who care for them during a lifespan
which is not as long as ours.

They reward us with affection and loyalty.
Eventually their lifespan comes to an end.
This should not cause the suffering it does because we
should transfer this love to another animal who needs us.

Therefore, the sensible way to deal with this human
problem is to search for a Rehoming Centre in your area,
to find another animal the same as the one who is dying.
Terratoonie can help with this if you contact her privately.
She has a lot of information about Rehoming Centres.

Then deal with your own animal in the kindest way.
And transfer your love to the custodianship of another
animal who needs you.

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Terra has a special gift with animals I think.

I do agree Diane, so many pets, not only dogs and cats need a forever home.

20 Dec, 2014


... so many creatures needing forever homes ..

Diane ... not sure if you know of the organisation called NANNA Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing and Adoption ...

their address is Finedon, Northants, so not many miles from you ...
helping dogs, cats, birds ... various other animals too ... pigs, goats .. all sorts !

20 Dec, 2014


Some people don't care for animals, but for many (maybe with no relations etc) they are the only things they have to share love with ...
and if you share your love with someone (and that includes animals) your life is enriched.

It's a pity many people can't see that :(

20 Dec, 2014


Yes Hywel not some but many people do not care for animals because they cannot conceive that these living beings perceive the world around them from the same perspective as we do and in most cases even more so. The world is as real to them as it is to us. They also share many of the same inner feelings that we do though how they express and communicate those feelings come in a variety of ways but they do connect with us in a manner that achieves mutual understanding. What they do lack does set them apart from the humanity and makes them different from us. What they lack is cruelty, anger, hate, envy, sadistic pleasure in hurting another living thing for its own sake and the fanatical thrill of domination and superiority over another. Yes, animals do lack what the human race does not.

21 Dec, 2014


Very true Loosestrife !

21 Dec, 2014


I have just read ' My animals and other family' by
Clare Balding, and learned a lot about horses from her.

She writes, they understand affection and care, and
return this to their owners who love them. That rich and famous people who keep horses get a true reflection of themselves from their horses, better than the false
pandering of those surrounding their lives.

Recommend this book to read over Christmas.

22 Dec, 2014


I do agree, its a fascinating insight to Clare and her family......and how a well run racing stables operates....

22 Dec, 2014

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