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a locksmith once said to me, that all locks should be
oiled once a month.
Remembering this, I bought a can of WD40 with the little
red tube, as had forgotten to do this for a long time.
Was going round them all giving them a squirt of this
wonderful stuff, the door to my hallway must have
heard me coming. The lock was jammed. I could move the handle but the mechanism was stuck.
Strange because I opened it earlier, no trouble at all.
Phoned son No.2. (Cheaper than the Fire Brigade) He came, unscrewed the handle. No luck. It was broken between the handle mechanism and
the bit that goes into the door frame.
He took the door frame off, and took the lock to pieces.
It was broken inside.
Will get me a new lock on Monday.
Thank goodness I can use the bathroom now !

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Things are like that, somewhere there is a little gremlin that sees you coming.
Yesterday, as we have the builders creating (!) a new extension, our washing machine has been stored in the garage, hence a trip to the launderette.
Stuffed the towels in, washing powder and softner, selected the programme - all good so far, put the money in - no joy, not working. Suggestions from other users of the launderette, was the door shut, did you put the coins in one at a time (how else?).
Opened and shut the door again, closing the catch on my finger and slicing into it. Dripping blood on the floor and my linen. Transferred it into another machine, more money, more powder etc., and got it working.
Phoned about the cash and can pick that up from one of the shops, so no problem there, but I do know that the gremlin sometimes looks on and says today's the day!

3 Aug, 2013


Dont forget to do the same to your window hinges/locks and of course your stopcock for the water, so in an emergency its easy to turn it off.

3 Aug, 2013


Thanks Drc726. I will write a list and be more
efficient in future with the WD40 on the 1st of every
month. There is moisture in the air all the time.

4 Aug, 2013

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