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need to spray them with a little washing up liquid in the spray bottle. It stops the spray being washed off by rain.
Years ago fruit netting kept the White Cabbage Butterflies off. Now they just get through it. Its the same netting !

I had to take my netting off this a.m. and shoo 4 butterflies out, spray my Cabbages, and recover .
Must check under the leaves for grubs etc.

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Diane, I've noticed an increase in the number of Cabbage Whites visiting my garden this year. I'm usually lucky if I see one - where as this year there can be at least 4 flitting about at the same time. They never land on anything for long - I suspect they are passing through on their way to Jim next door

26 Jul, 2013


Completely different down here Scottish.we usually hae hundreds of Cabbage whites around the veg patch but this year, I have seen very few.And, only in the last few weeks.
Diane, as I don't have time to pick off the eggs from the leaves and as the abbage white caterpillars have caused such devastation to my Brassicas in the past, I invested some years ago in some Enviromesh(Agralan) Very expensive but it pays for itself in the long run! I have a frame which I made and covered with the mesh.It keeps the butterflies off. in my blog today, I have a photo of the Calabrese I harvested today! I'm vey pleased I invested in the mesh and made the frame!

26 Jul, 2013


Thanks for that Paul, I was wondering what the brand name is. Will put it on my list for the GC. I have the hoops which fit over my raised beds. Would prefer not to spray at all.

27 Jul, 2013

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