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its important to understand the geology of the rocks
under your land. Garden Centres import hundreds of plants, from various geological regions. As long as they are in flower they sell ! Putting a plant into the wrong
soil can lead to loss of plant eventually and disappointment.
England is divided into 3 regions. Heathland where you can see Heathers and Bracken growing naturally, the Oolitic Limestone Belt which runs from Hull to the Dorset Coast, and Heathland on the Eastern side.
This is my list of Heathland or Acid loving plants, which thrive if kept in containers growing in Ericaceous compost, and fed with Ericaceous Plant Food.
Pieris, Azalea, Lonicera, Crassifolia, Blueberries, Hydrangea, Raspberries, Berberis, Magnolia, Heathers,
Skimmias, Acers. (There may be more.)
I have these on a card on my calendar, mark the feeding days on the calendar, for efficient plant feeding.
The rest are lime loving plants and need a general purpose plant food during the growing season.

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I agree Db. I have never been one for altering the garden soil to grow rhododendrons etc. I sometimes make a mistake, but it tends to be the fact the gc staff don't really know what needs what.
I'm on the dge of the chalk of the Yorkshire wolds, just on the outskirts of Hull. very alkaline in fact.

6 Jul, 2013


good blog..i have a couple of rhododendrons though , one exists right next to a pear that gives great fruit..ive read it shouldnt work together and ive done nothing but the ground seems to be rather diverse and suitable for both..weirdly this year in one uncultivated area of the garden over 60 foxgloves have appeared, for the first time..and just as weirdly Lupins, which have been a star of my garden since I moved here, and i have 12 or 15..havent shown..soil? rocks? conditions? I wish I knew

8 Jul, 2013


Very interesting blog Diane, I stick with my own homemade compost here, we are on clay but over the course of the years I've managed to make it workable by digging it into the ground, we are also just up the road from where the old lime kilns were so have pockets of that here, impossible to dig deep, hence the raised bed and lawn at the bottom of our garden, the roses love it here though so not all bad.....
I love Azaleas but would have to keep them in pots so tend to stick with what I know will thrive..

12 Jul, 2013


I wasn't looking to join another website, or whatever it is called. I simply would like a list of ericaceous plants. Please!

16 Jun, 2018

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