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Early Brassica Plants.

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Remembered last week Cyril on the allotments 20 years ago, who sowed his Brassica seed on Jan 1st in a trough with thick wood sides unprotected and immediately in front of his hut. He showed me a piece of wood he covered it with sometimes. This came about because Alf said he sowed his seed on Jan 1st, and produced Tomato plants 12" tall in early April from his unheated greenhouse. Cyril’s plants were hardened off and ready to plant that April, for an early crop. They compared plants with much laughter.
Alf showed me his greenhouse. He had 4 transparent plastic boxes, one inside the other, the outside one was really big, had no heating in his greenhouse, his tomato plants were fine.
I have just bought a plastic mini-greenhouse £18.99 and on my next visit to GC saw the same firm make a Fleece cover to fit this mini-greenhouse. So am planning now to follow in Cyril’s footsteps, get the Fleece cover later on, collect polystyrene boxes (for warmth) to fit the mini-greenhouse, sow some Brassica seed on Jan 1st. Other Goys may like to think about doing the same.

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That's a good idea. My father used to do it with pelargoniums ..... with varying degrees of success.

11 Apr, 2012

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