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Does Apple wood burn or not ?


Someone says I am wrong, saying it wont burn. Sent me the following poem.

Apple wood will scent the room,
Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom,
It is by the Irish said,
That Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread,
However Elm wood burns like Churchyard mould,
Even the very flames are cold.

Does anyone else know this poem and is it true ?

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The only one amongst these woods we've ever burned is apple wood, which burns very well, if it's dry enough, and smells gorgeous. We normally burn sweet chestnut, or cherry wood which is good at throwing out heat. Oak is hard to burn. All wood should be seasoned and dried out for at least a year before it's burnt, and softwoods should be kept for at least two - the resins in them make for a smokey, tarry fire, which will mess up your chimney if you're not careful.

12 Feb, 2012


From my days in the Boy Scouts, I remember we were told the best woods for burning were apple and ash

12 Feb, 2012


Thank you Gattina and Andrew. I stand corrected.
Seems Italy is a good place to live for trees !

13 Feb, 2012


Surrounded by the B*****s, Diane! Surprisingly, we rarely, if ever see such beauties as beech, horse chestnut, silver birch or maple, and I find coming back to the UK I re-discover them all over again. I've tried growing rowans here, which, up in the mountains you might think would do well, but have had no success at all. We get wild cherries, sweet chestnuts, poplars, a few willows and walnuts as standard. You quite often see apple trees on people's land, but the fruit goes unharvested, and the wood sometimes makes it's way into the woodpiles. You can tell immediately it goes into the stove. Not sure about here, but isn't applewood prized in the UK for smoking hams and cheeses?

13 Feb, 2012

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