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Moving Again


By csarina


Its a long time since I last wrote, things went a bit pear shaped last year and we ended up having to rent another house.

We have been here almost 12 months and the stairs are a problem to both of us, me especially, so in January we put in for sheltered housing through the council.

To cut a long story short we are hoping to move into a bungalow in a village about 6 miles from town. It was empty for a while after the tenant died, and the council were forced to use it as emergency accommodation for a lady with 3 children. When she left the place was in a real mess, so as we were the only people to apply we have been granted the tenancy. The painters have been in for the past 2 weeks, but we are hoping to get the keys this Thursday.

We have set a date of 29th June to move, gives me time to come back here and clean up after the removers.

Of course the garden we put in here is now having to be dug up………I think they will wonder if they are ever going to settle anywhere, how ever this time they will.

Now a plea, we have a horrid chain link fence at the front, I am looking for some cuttings of the fast growing montana clematis, Alba and Elizabeth. I can strike the cuttings myself if there is any one who would send me about 3 × 8″ cuttings of each, with two sets of leaves. I will gladly pay for postage.

OH is out sorting out the shed, he plans to start taking garden stuff over as soon as we get the keys.

This time we are having the removers do the packing, we cannot make multiple trips with stuff any more.

I will post pictures of the garden a bit later.

I could not get the pictures to post on my blog so they are on the pictures page. Csarina. Two show the back garden which has very obviously had a big veg garden which we hope to re-instate. The front just has grass, there does appear to be several rose bushes which need some feed and the ground needs digging over. I dislike the chain link fencing so thats what I am hoping to train the fast growing clematis up.

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Oh dear, chin up, it will all be worth it in the long run.

Sorry i don't have the clematis but here's a thought - you might sow some Canary Creeper to cover the fence just for this year? If you sow in pots now you might just be in time.

All the best for the move.

1 Jun, 2015


PM me - I might be able to help with cuttings from the Clematis Mayleen that I was given a couple of weeks ago. It's still in the pot while I decide on where to plant it.

1 Jun, 2015


If the previous tenants grew vegetables it would seem you are getting good ground this time. Good luck.

2 Jun, 2015


Best of luck with your move, I am sure you will be much happier in a bungalow, we are and the bonus for me stairs to sweep, let alone climb, I've always hated sweeping stairs!
I had a look at your photo's, it looks really nice and the chain-link has it's up-side too as it is secure from other people's animals or keeping your own in, if you have any. Easily covered with something green, leafy, flowering so that you will forget it is there. Lots of work to do, it seems a big garden, but your plants will soon make an impression and 'a bit at a time' works wonders. Happy future to you both.

2 Jun, 2015


Its good to hear you have got a forever home at last. Good luck with the move and happy gardening into the future.

5 Jun, 2015


Good Luck with the moving Csarina....

6 Jun, 2015

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