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Long time no write


By csarina


It is some time since I posted on my blog and a lot has happened in the interim.

In 2011 we moved from the cottage into an apartment in Haddington, where we took over a border at the back of the block and also developed a ‘pot’ garden.

In February this year my eldest daughter had a mammogram which threw up something that needed investiagtion and she was told it could well mean an operation and chemo. We were 300 miles away and a trip down was 6 hours down and 6 hours back.

After a great deal of discussion and not a little lost sleep we decided to move back to be closer to the family who all live within a 25 mile radius. Apart from anything else OH is 80 this month and I will be 70 in August, my younger daughter wanted us to be nearer so help would be at hand if we needed it.

So, a visit in late February found us looking for a property which we found in a village about 4 miles from my youngest daughter and on 8th April we moved in.

The move was not without its problems, a cooker, freezer and dryer needed to be sold. We had a much smaller kitchen than in the apartment so a dresser was needed to store china and glass. We arranged for the removers to pack for us which they did, took them 2 days!! We left Haddington on April 5th and towed the caravan down to Melton over 2 days.

The removers did not get to us until mid afternoon on the Monday and it was choas…….we had boxes everywhere waiting to be unpacked. It took us 4 weeks to finally get the place sorted, sold the cooker freezer and dryer, and at last we had room to move.

We have a largish garden which had not really been touched for several years apart from the grass being cut. I will post the pictures later. OH has worked really hard to make some semblance of order and we have the beginnings of a garden. We had to loose some trees which had been allowed to grow too tall, once they were gone it made such a difference to the garden. One was a laylandii which was taller than the house and another was a similar type of tree which was growing too near the house for comfort. I have had the top taken off and all the branches cut leaving just short bits I am planning on training a clematis round and up it.

The weather was so awful in Scotland, we had snow the week before we moved, I was able only to move an azalea and a palace purple herucara the rest were frozen into the ground. We did bring 30 pots with us from the pot garden and they have been placed around the garden to fill up gaps until I can get plants in.

So far I have almost bust the bank buying plants……today we have been to a local village open gardens day and I was able to get 2 campanula’s a lavetera, Alan Titchmarsh, a verbascum seedling and another root of alchemilla mollis. They are currently ‘resting’ all but the verbascum seedling will be planted tomorrow. I am nursing 2 clematis I rescued from Wilkinsons, I am hoping to plant them further up the garden to ramble up to the top of the fence, I have put 2 montana’s in at the top of the garden to scramble along the ?fence OH has constructed. We have cut down laurel and drastically cut back catoneaster horizontalis, would you believe we have a catoneaster which has grown into a tree in the top corner of the garden. Its due a drastic hair cut later.

Phew I feel tired just reading that back.

Now we have some good weather we are spending time not just gardening but also sitting. Given a couple of years I doubt the old garden will be recognisable.

You may remember we took over a walled vegetable garden. The owner died lat July and the new ‘Laird’ took over, things began to change, and seeing the way things were going we decided to back out gracefully at the end of the growing season

By the by, if anyone has any campanula pramidalis, I would love some seed at the end of the season.

Well I think that just about brings us up to date. I will try and be a better more regular poster……..

cheers for now.

I have posted some photos of the garden as it was when we got here and the trees coming down.

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So sorry to hear about your daughter Casrina and hope she is well now.

It had been such a worry for you.

Wishing you good luck and happiness in your new home.

2 Jun, 2013


Hope your daughter is better now, sounds like life has been very hectic for you lately! Look forward to seeing some photos of what sounds an interesting garden!

2 Jun, 2013


wow that is one mammoth task. Look forward to seeing your progress. Hope your daughter is doing well.

2 Jun, 2013


I feel utterly exhausted just reading about it - you deserve a beautiful garden when its done (are they ever finished?) Like the others, I hope all goes well with your daughter.

2 Jun, 2013


Well, I feel exhausted just reading about all your hard work - you are going to deserve a beautiful garden when its finished (But on second thoughts, are they ever finished...) Like the others I hope your daughter goes on OK.

2 Jun, 2013


Yes I was wondering about your daughter too. All that hard work sounds very exhausting.

2 Jun, 2013


Crumbs things couldn't be more hetic for you could it Csarina? I really hope everything is going along better for your daughter.

3 Jun, 2013


Oh my goodness thats a lot to contend with Csarina and in short a short time really, I sincerely hope all is ok with your daughter, I can understand your family wanting you to be closer to them, it could not have been good travelling for six hours especially when worrying about the health of a family member..
I hope you and hubby are happy in your new home, I have no doubts whatsoever about the garden, I well remember how quickly you sorted out the last one, you both worked really hard and soon turned it around...
I've looked at your pics and can see you have already made a head start, LOL...

6 Jun, 2013

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