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Rain Again


By csarina


We went to the Gardening Scotland Show today, after a wonderful day yesterday today was a let down, it poured with rain, but that did not stop us from having a great time. Gardeners don;t mind the rain……..there were some really truely wonderful displays and some interesting stalls with information on various aspects of gardening….we happened on the marquee for the live broadcast of The Beechgrove Potting Shed. I had taken four pieces from plants in our garden we have been unable to identlfy, so I was first on the list, asking what the plants were, two were flowers and two would be considered weeks….the campion and a teasle, the other two were plants an artemesia and Valarian…….after the show finished we made for the floral hall, calling on the way at the tent by the pallet gardens to meet Scotagran, so nice to put a face to a name.

We met up with another friend Beryl Mcnaughton and her son Gavin of Macplants, what wonderful displays of plants, I love lilies and had a hard time resisting the wonderful lily bulbs….I managed……there were also some lovely pelagoniums, wonderful colours, another favourite. I had pledged not to spend any more money on the garden, we have spent so much since we moved in here. We did however re-join the National Trust for Scotland.. Our memberrship will allow us to have some days out without having to spend a load of money on entrance fees. Newhailes is one of the places we want to visit, and also 28 Charlotte Square before it closes.

We drove home through driving rain and mist having had a really lovely day looking meeting and talking to people involves with our much loved hobby…..

I have published the photographs I took………

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