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the work rose bush


I’m new to all these flowers so I’ve been picking up tip’s from people and reading a lot of your tips and comments!

I’ve been trying to sort out the work garden so the gentlemen can use the rear access for shop takes.
we have a rose bush, that when I found it was just five or six long thorny stems. (unfortuantly I didn’t take a photo then duh)
I had to cut it back so the chaps wouldn’t snag their uniforms or themselves, I cut it back to about a foot high back in March time and over the past few months it’s sprung back to life!
Lots of nice new green shoots and it’s got really tall again which makes me think it’s a climbing rose?

The only problem is that it’s got so big again and I didn’t want to cut anymore of it off incase it wouldn’t flower so today I constructed some sort of trellis/ climbing frame for it!
It took a couple of hours and looks a bit lame (it’s my first attempt and it’s not easy fighting round the back of a rose bush!) but it is nice and fixed to the wall so fingers crossed it wont blow over in the wind and rain! Lol.

Then once I was getting it fixed to the frame I notice it had some creepy crawley’s munching on it :(
I put a question on here about them and thank you to Louise1 and Bamboo, I now know what they are and how to get rid of them!

I really hope it flowers this year but I also heard for a climbing rose it should have started at least to bud? which it hasn’t :(

I guess now I’m just really confused about the poor thing, as I said I’m new to all this!
I hope it like’s it’s new climbing frame tho!
If you’ve got any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

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It looks like being a rambler or root suckers growing from the root stock. I am waiting to hear from other people myself.

14 Jun, 2011


Hi Coshad. Sorry for my slow reply. Thanks for the info, i'm not sure what ramblers or suckers are tho? Humm think i need to buff up my knowlege a bit! xx

22 Jun, 2011


Claire, if you look in the alphabetical directory at the bottom of the page under "R" for roses there may be some advice there for your rose. I wondered too it it could be suckers (that just means they are branches that are not main ones and deplete the ability of the main stems to grow healthily and produce flowers). Ramblers would be roses that well, ramble....scramble across walls, fences, arches etc.

I'm new to all this gardening stuff too but I don't think anything I've said in my reply is duff Hope you can get the plant sorted. Thanks for adding me as a favourite too...just got an automated message to that effect.

22 Jun, 2011


If you look at the very base of the rose Claire you may be able to see a graft union, maybe a thickened area, any shoots out of the ground around the tree are 'suckers'. These come direct off the rootstock and might bloom like the pink wild rose of the hedgegrows. You may get shoots off the rootstock stem below the grafted union. The leaves are different in colour and form to the main shrub. You can get rid of them, if you want (delve down a bit). Feed and wait and see. Caterpillars maybe for butterflies, so be kind to them! I have a Pauls Scarlet on its own root, which is 18 feet up a Laburnum. So not always grafted.

23 Jun, 2011


thanks folks!
i've added another photo of the base of the plant now, some of it looks to be growing out of the ground but the majority of it seems to be growing from the main part which looks a bit dead now?
i was a bit busy uploading photos last night to my profile, (didn't realise would take so long!) so i still need to have a good read up.
do i need to cut the stems growing out of the bed, if they are depleeting the main growth?
i haven't done anything to the catterpillars yet, i'm a bit against using pestercides, i'd rather use a more natural method like just picking them off!
thanks again. xx

23 Jun, 2011


If there are stems growing out of the bed.....follow them down and get as deep as you can to cut them off. Caterpillars can be placed somewhere that doesn't matter so much to you. Also a grafted union could be below the soil, so you might check on that too Claire

23 Jun, 2011


Hi Claire, I wouldn't cut anything off until I'd seen the flowers. That rose certainly WANTS to grow doesn't it and is either a very robust climber or (more likely) a rambler - both can be controlled and enjoyed.
You may find life easier in the future to 'wire' the wall horizontally every 12 to 18 inches and tie the rose in a fan shape. Rose stems tied horizontally will produce lots of flowering shoots along its length.
I can't wait to see what your 'find' turns out to be!

30 Jun, 2011

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