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Heartfelt thanks for all your wishes and prayers!


By bernieh


Thank you, thank you to all those who’ve expressed concern about the situation over here in Queensland. I feel like I’ve been given a great big warm hug!

The next 24 hours will be one of the longest for me as we wait up here in north Queensland to see just how bad the flooding will be down in Brisbane.

I think both my boys and my grandchildren will be fine. My eldest boy and his family have already evacuated their home as they live next to an at-risk suburb.

My youngest lives in a fairly elevated suburb and is just staying at home for now.

Brisbane is experiencing a King Tide today, with the flood waters expected to peak tomorrow … so we just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

My relatives who live just outside Toowoomba, which experienced a very dark day recently, are fine but everyday life has been totally changed for them.

My relatives in Gympie, which was also flooded, seem to be OK … we just haven’t heard from everyone down there yet.

So, now it’s my boys’ home’s turn! 2011 will be a year long remembered by so many!

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I've been watching all about your horrific floods on the news Bernieh, can't imagine what it must be like for you, really hope things start to improve soon, pleased to hear all your family and friends are ok,here's me moaning about a bit of ice and snow, nothing compared to what you're going through xxx

12 Jan, 2011


I fully agree with Simbad, it's a terrible disaster which will have long term after effects for a long time. My thoughts are with you and yours in these sad times. x

12 Jan, 2011


When Hull (where I live) flooded in 2007, it was bad, but seeing what you are going through puts things into perspective. My prayers are with you and everyone suffering at the moment. Prayers for Australia will be said on Saturday evening in Mass by me.
God bless.

12 Jan, 2011


I'm sorry to hear of the worry you have Bernie. You must be at your wits end. I missed the other blog I think.

I've seen it on the news here, and how frightening it looks.

I hope all your relations will stay safe. It must be terrifying for them. Hopefully it will get better ... I don't know what to say really :o(

12 Jan, 2011


I`ve also just been watching on my news, it breaks your heart to see that water destroying everything and know we are helpless and can only hope and pray it stops soon. My thoughts are with you Bernieh xx.

12 Jan, 2011


Hoping everyone can somehow stay safe ...
... the TV pics. of the water look absolutely horrendous ...

Good wishes and prayers for all the people and animals in Australia, suffering in the terrifying floods ... xxx

12 Jan, 2011


Hi Bernieh, i'm so sorry for all the problems you have but so pleased your safe, although i've had problems getting on GOY till today does not mean i've not been thinking of you, like everyone as said my thoughts go out to you your family and all the people and animals in Australia.
Love to you and your family xxx

12 Jan, 2011


Echoing the thoughts of every one else Bernieh, take care...xx

12 Jan, 2011


As with all the above Bernieh, take care, hope everything turns out fine for you and your family. Materialistic things can always be replaced. x

12 Jan, 2011


thankyou for keeping us informed Bernie I hope it won't be as bad as they say xxx

12 Jan, 2011


Like you I've been keeping a close eye on the floods in Queensland in the last week. I encountered an old friend who lives close to the area where they had the "inland tsunami" a few days ago when I signed up to Facebook. we have been commenting on the situation there ever since. Today he told me they have had sun there all day. He also thinks the danger from flooding has passed - for the moment.

I heard on the 1.30 pm weather forecast that the rain had stopped in some places but that the flood in Brisbane will reach its peak on Thursday. The flood waters will also coincide with a high tide in the city, compounding matters. :-((

It seems that heavy rain can be expected during the next couple of months, so the poor people there can expect to see a lot more water yet. :-((

12 Jan, 2011


Oh dear...:-( at least your friend has had today a a breathing space but I expect its awfully humid

12 Jan, 2011


I hope your children s houses will miss it Bernieh, so sad so many people losing their homes and some losing their lives. Hope it is nt as bad as they expect good luck.

12 Jan, 2011


Thanks again everyone for all your concern. I haven't been able to reach my sons today ... the phone system seems to be down. Understandable really considering just how much of Brisbane is under water.

I know my eldest son won't be able to return to his home just yet, though, because there are many roads cut between the north side and the south side of our capital.

There doesn't appear to have been any deaths or casualties in Brisbane city, but the death toll keeps rising from the Lockyer Valley area where the wall of water surged through after it came down from the ranges.

Thankfully the rain seems to have eased across most of the south-east, so the floodwaters didn't peak quite as high as predicted. I suppose that's something good in amongst all this.

13 Jan, 2011


Oh Berneih I am so sorry for you all it sounds and looks horrific, just hope your boys are ok in Bisrbane and like everyone else here on Goy I pray that everyone will be safe,

13 Jan, 2011


I am thinking of you and your family Berneih God bless you and keep you all safe.

13 Jan, 2011


Thankfully everyone is safe and sound.

My eldest and his family returned to their home late yesterday and he managed to get through on the phone last night. Electricity is being restored in many places and the phone system is online again. Andrew's home is fine ... they lost power and the fridge is a mess, but that's nothing! Our grandchildren couldn't quite work out why there was no TV or computer to play on ... they haven't had to go without electricity for that long ever before. Novel experience for them sitting around the table eating their meal by candlelight a couple of nights in a row!

Other members of our family in places like Toowoomba and Gympie have all been accounted for and they've all escaped the disaster relatively OK. Some mess but nothing too bad.

It's been a terrible few days but the rain has ceased in the south-east and the waters are now receding. It appears as if Queensland is getting a break at long last.

14 Jan, 2011


very welcome Good News Bernie xxx..... what a relief!

14 Jan, 2011


Thank goodness things are improving Bernieh, so glad all your family and friends are safe xxx

14 Jan, 2011


Such good news for you, Bernieh, you must be feeling a little happier now. Take care. : o )

14 Jan, 2011


Thanks Pam, Simbad and Shirley ... yes it's truly a relief.

Of course, things are not quite back to normal yet. My daughter-in-law works in the city and it's not possible for her to get back to work yet. The city centre is still off limits to most people.

My eldest granddaughter is worried she won't be able to start school in two weeks. There's some flooding around her school and they're not sure if the school is OK. She loves school and will be devastated if she can't start when the school year begins once more.

Their local supermarket and shopping centre are a bit light on when it comes to groceries and supplies ... and apparently the supremarket smelt a bit after the food went off in their fridges!

14 Jan, 2011


A little good news at last from Queensland! :-))

Glad your family is alright, Bernieh :-)) My friend over there had been helping a local business clean out their place.

When our daughter first started school she also loved it very much. I can imagine how your granddaughter must feel then!

15 Jan, 2011


So pleased you and your family are safe Bernieh it has been the most awful time for you all in Queensland wishing you all well and an ease in the weather for you all love and hugs X

16 Jan, 2011


Hi Bernieh, I have at last got back on the network - so sorry to hear about your families' situation. It puts things into perspective really - what does a garden matter in these circumstances. We all wish you the very best for 2001 and hope that the country will recover soon.

19 Jan, 2011


Hope you and your family are safe and well . It has been a terrible time for all of you.

4 Feb, 2011

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