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Was Feeling Blue


May/4/10 LA I added pics but not sure if they are here.

Hello Everyone.

Was feeling a bit blue the last few days, I was on two minds about everything. Not sure why, maybe all the wind we were having for the last few weeks, as it drains the life out of me. Plus my insomnia kicked into high gear over the last two week, so feeling the worst of it. Lack of sleep puts a damper on everything.

Yesterday, Sunday I wasn’t sure which to do, go for a walk, or do a bit of planting. Planting won! I spent about 5 hours in the garden. Planted out my 2 6pk of Sweet William and Lobelia. Plus my 3 Tomato plants that sprung up from last years seeds. I nursed them on my balcony to get them big enough to plant out. I sadly cut back my last years tomato plant that was doing great over the winter. It was just getting flowers when I decided to be nice to it about 10 days ago and tie it up. It didn’t appreciate it at all and bellied up and died. Oh I tell you that sadden me. It was my baby. :-(
I didn’t give upon it entirely though I just cut it way down as I want to see if it will regenerate. I’ve got them to do that before.

I spread some seeds of Larkspur, I just love them. Also some California Poppies seeds. Pruned some roses and a Bougainvillea that grows over an arbor. I don’t like dealing with them because of the thorns. I usually end up with shredded arms and get stabbed a few times but just got one jab in my finger this time. Some times I think I might be a bit allergic to it. There have been times when I have not felt the best after it. In general I try to avoid the thorny plants but they’re in the garden and I didn’t plant the Bougainvillea so if I don’t prune it the Fairies wont either. I planted a white Potato Vine next to it last autumn and it’s taking off running, so I’m hoping it gives me lots of flowers this summer.

I gave the garden a good watering with the hose as our drip system doesn’t seem to be coming on. Plus all the wind we were having is drying everything out so quickly.

A few weeks back I had planted 6 Lilies they are doing great and getting ready to bloom. 6 Hollyhocks 3 have quite a few leaves but 3 are not doing so well, they may need a bit of TLC. I also planted 3 Peonies, 2 are doing well, one wasn’t doing the best so I dug it up and put it in a pot to nurse it a bit on my balcony. I planted 3 Astilbe as well but hadn’t seen hide nor hair of them and was wondering where they were as I didn’t mark them.
Oh Dear! Lesson learned.
I thought I remembered where I planted them so I was beginning to wonder if I planted them too deep. Mmmmmm did I? Or did I not? That’s not like me. Oh well if I did, I did, too bad as I was looking forward to them.

The front border is looking rather drab at the moment so that’s why I added the Sweet William and Lobelia along the front but I can see it in my mind in full bloom. So I think this year will be a lovely year in the garden.

After spreading the seeds I was winding down the day as I was losing the light and was just giving the garden a good soaking with the hose when a smile came over me. I spotted a few leaves of the Astilbe on one of them and just a shoot on another. They’re on the grow. Smile! :-)
I was so pleased to see them as it gave a lovely end to the day in the garden.

I picked a few greens from the garden to make a salad for dinner. Spinach, cilantro, Arugula and something I don’t know the name of because it was supposed to be mixes greens but what grew wasn’t mixed greens. It has a peppery taste to it, but I like it. ( See pic below )
I decided to have a Tv dinner on a try and sat down in front of the telly to watch House.

I was feeling much better by then, there is nothing like a day mucking about in the garden to cheer you up. That and a nice bit of grub.
( See pics below )
It was a delicious salad the fresh greens from the garden are so tasty. I mixed them with Organic Romaine lettuce I got from the Farmers Market
( It’s called Cos in Ireland ) Added Mandarin Oranges a few raisins, a few peas and chicken with Caesars dressing. Garlic Nam Bread with added Pesto toasted on the side. A small glass of port wine and a little Ben & Gerry’s Ice cream to wash it down. Yum Yum!
Feeling much better now! :-)

Hope your Sunday turned out as nice as mine.

All the best for now.

One of my Peony, first time I’ve tried to grow them. It’s among 4 O’Clocks. Which I may pull up but they are a bit of green for now! There is a bit of Cilantro to the right, I need to plant more of that.

I had never noticed that my Primrose is heart shaped, I just love it. Somehow my camera capture more detail than my eyes. Mmmmmm I must be getting old! :-(

Does anyone know what this is? I planted salad mix but this came up. It very nice with a kind of peppery taste.

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Sorry u felt so down :( I have probs sleeping to & know how lack of sleep can effect your life :( Your Photos r so lovely keep smileing Jac

4 May, 2010


Lovely photos... I hope the gardening made you relaxed and happily tired, and able to get a good night's sleep. :o)

4 May, 2010


I always say "the more stressed I am the more my garden looks good!!" a couple of hours weeding, digging and planting makes all the difference!!!

4 May, 2010


Lovely photos, especially I liked the yellow rose.
I hope you're not feeling so tired now. I get insomnia myself so I can understand how you might feel.
Working in the garden is the best thing you could do :o))

4 May, 2010


Lovely photos angie! Your salad looks delicious. I do envy you being able to work in your lovely garden, it's still cold where I am and I cannot put anything out until end of May....:o(

4 May, 2010


Thank you all my virtual gardening buddies. Glad u enjoyed the pics. I just wish they were easier to upload.

I am feeling more up beat now. :-) As I also worked on my balcony yesterday and transplanted all my Tiger Lilies. I've been meaning to do that for ages, so that's off my mind. There were so many crammed into one pot as they are increasing every year. If u lived close I'd give you some.
Then went to the famous Venice Beach Board Walk to visit my artist friend. We had a lovely chat & a mone, plus it was a lovely day & it did me the world of good.

Jacque & Hywel so sorry u share my problem of insomnia as I know how difficult it makes life. Which makes me wonder just how many people that love gardening have trouble sleeping? Have u found anything that helps I've tried everything. At the best of times it's tolerable but at the worst of times I'd need MJ's Dr. He He! Or something on that line.

I do agree with you Genunisscuff the more stressed or blue I am the better the garden looks. There is always a pro & con to everything. Or almost everything!

Terratoni, no it didn't help the sleep, when it's in bad mode there is nothing but a few pills to help, but they sadly have their side effects. I think all meds do, that's been my experience anyway. They bring me down too, so I try hard not to take them. My body & mood is much better when avoiding them but at least my thoughts were relaxed one. :-) I can see the garden in fullbloom in my mind. So I'm looking forward to it. Glad u like the pics.

Dylandog, Thank you, my salad was delicious & I love the Nam bread w/added pesto. More garlic the better! Did u know it is a natural antibiotic? I never gets sick! Well once in a blue blue moon.

Yes, we are lucky here in Calif. we can garden all year long there is only about 2 months of the year that the garden takes a rest. There is always something in bloom. I just wish I had a house & garden of my very own. This is my own while I live here but it's not the same as owning it.

So hope you all get some gardening in soon as I know only too well how good it is for the mind body & soul.

All the best of sleep & everything else to you all.
Greeting from sunny LA

4 May, 2010


Iv not found any thing to help my sleep prob Angie :( even the Drs Tabs dont help :(

4 May, 2010


I never try to go back to sleep if I feel wide awake. There's no point, it never works. I stay awake and look at GoY instead lol. It passes the time.

4 May, 2010


~ lovely tour of your garden~ glad you are feeling better~

10 May, 2010


Thank u all for ur comments.

Insomnia! Arrah! I call it the thief of life! It can be so hindering at time. Somehow I manage it better in the summer months. J & H Have u ever tried allergy pills? Or Melatonin & calcium with a cup of hot milk w/vanilla in it? Plus a banana for the potassium. I find the Tv lulls me back to sleep sometimes.

Thank u A
My garden is a bunch of small boring square or oblong borders so no great over view, so got to make the best of what I got to work with. Nothing at all like the beautiful garden I have seen on here.

Happy gardening to u all.

11 May, 2010


Lovely blog Angie......and thanks for the comment on the drawings.

24 May, 2010

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