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Hello Everyone

Thought I’d post a few pics I took last Saturday of the pots in a little border down at Venice Beach by the pier.
I think they look nice planted up like this but I also thought with just a little more water and a bit of food they look even better.

That same day along the board walk The Red Hot Chilly Peppers were up on a roof singing away to cameras. I think they were making a video to go with their new song. Don’t ask me the name of it as I’m not into them, so I haven’t got a clue. There were people everywhere. On roofs and anything they could stand on. I got a few pics but they are not so good but thought I’d post them for anyone that might know the band.
I might have got into the crowd shot as the cameras were scanning the crowd, that would be kinda funny to see myself in the crowd of one of their videos. Ah well wouldn’t be the first time.

So hope you like the succulents. I’ve no idea of their names other than the big Agave. If anyone would like to name any I can add the name to the blog.

How is your summer going so far?
Other than my lovely trip home to Ireland it’s a bit of a flop. The weather is on the cool side, in fact a bit chilly some days, no warm nights, well below norman for sunny Calif. :-( Oh well could be worse I suppose. No floods, no hurricanes, no earthquakes.

Happy gardening to you all.


This Beach pic was just to show you it’s a cool summer. The wind was blowing and you can tell the lack of heat from the color of the pic, however these were taken at about 7 pm.

Next few pics are of The Chilly Peppers

As I said not such great shots but give you the feel of what was going on.

Next one is just eye candy :-)

I think he has the stall next to him. He is in great shape as he is no spring chicken, he just needs a tummy suction, or to cut down on the beers or carbs.

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Great plants there Anjie, I love that rounded bulbous shaped pot, in fact all the pots are beautiful, if they had been here in London they would have been stolen by now!!!

6 Aug, 2011


Hello Grandmage, how are u?
I'm surprised I have a comment already as I'm still trying to get the blog lined up.

When I was on my way to Ireland I had a very unexpected 4 days in New York thanks to Delta Air and I was in awe of the plants & pots. I'll try to blog them at some point.

We have had pots stolen from where I live. Big potted Australian Tree Ferns. I couldn't believe it, they backed up with a truck and made a mad dash but left smaller one, but thankfully these by the beach stay put.

6 Aug, 2011


Absalutely wonderful succulents!

6 Aug, 2011


Thanks for posting, great pics. Look forward to seeing more pics that you mentioned.
Must be an exciting place to live, are you right on the beach?

6 Aug, 2011


Great plants. Even though it is not as hot as usual, you still have some lovely clear blue skies there.

6 Aug, 2011


Thank u for your comments. Lulu, Frybo &Funguy

To Funguy, These plants are next to the parking lot on the beach but I live 3 miles from the beach. I dont find LA too exciting anymore though. In fact I thought Ireland more exciting as I had more places to go, people to see and things to do. The only excitment here is the unexpected Star spotting. In fact think I've had it with LA. Wish I was still in Ireland, but ask me again after a long wet cold winter in Ireland. Ha Ha. I might long for LA again.

6 Aug, 2011


i love succulants when i see them like this, so much colour, the eye candy to solid and muscally for me, i like cuddly men lol

6 Aug, 2011


I'm glad u like them sanbaz, interesting how u like your men, I like them buffed, but that way there is something for everyone. It would be a razy world if we all ilked the same things.

6 Aug, 2011

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