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Just letting you know that something was wrong with my email reminders even though I tried everything I could to restore it. I had to change my email to restore my email reminders and everything seems to be working again. So I just got your comments a while ago.
I THANK you all for your comments and I do apologies for not responding to them.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your gardening.
It’s been a very slow year in LA for everything because of this very odd summer or the lack of it I should say. It was a lovely day today though the best all summer and I enjoyed a day at the beach.

I’ve had a few tomatoes off my last years tomato plant and they were delicious! They were the big beefy ones, oh they were so tasty, had a few small one also of this years plant they were nice but not as good as the beefy ones, but they are struggling as s everything else. I have loads of tomato plants this year but they are so slow to get going. I guess they miss the heat and sun as much as I do.

All the best for now.

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Anjie if its any consolation our weather has been peculiar too, not enough rain, too windy, then very heavy rain which only destroys crops etc, strange all round by the sounds of it, take heart, fingers crossed it might be better next season!! I love a warm sunny September/October, here it can be the best time of the year. Take care.

18 Aug, 2010


Hello Grandmage
It seems to be a global thing with the weather all right. Although I'm glad to say as of yesterday the temp. is gone up by about 8 deg. :-) Although it's tropical as the sky is full of white clouds but the heat feel good. Well, I sure hope this isn't a trend of it getting worse & worse every year. I suppose all we can do is hope for the best weather possible. It's very strange to have such a summer because in all the years I've lived here I've never seen a summer like this. It's got to be hard for you trying to have a garden with the weather you're getting.
Yes, indeed Sep. & Oct. are often the best months of the yr. I hope to go to Ireland in Oct.

18 Aug, 2010


Ireland is a beautiful place I love it and October should be good, might be wet too thats why its the Emerald Isle !!

18 Aug, 2010


Ohh the rain is never too far away in Ireland but often when I go that time of year I take a big bag of sun with me. Hehe! So often it never rains when I'm there but come down the day after I leave. Yes Ireland is beautiful and know I'm bless to have been born and raised there.

19 Aug, 2010


What made you leave such a beautiful place Anjie ?

19 Aug, 2010


Curiosity & the sunshine! I never meant to stay in LA but such is life.
I do miss Ireland though.

19 Aug, 2010

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