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😮🚶‍♀️Has Cottagekaren gone again😟🚶‍♀️


I noticed today Karen has deleted her account…..anyone know what’s going on please..I know she has been experiencing a lot of problems….but I thought everything had been sorted out…….I for one will be sorry to see her go…..she contributed a lot to GOY

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Fernever has deleted his account too.

24 Aug, 2020


Crikey, Paul too? That’s a pity. Sad to hear...
I did comment on Sheila’s blog yesterday.

24 Aug, 2020


Karen has gone before and come back so lets hope she comes back again. She was having problems with her plant listing.

24 Aug, 2020


I have never understood why when a member leaves they have to delete everything, especially when they have shared for so many years, guess we don't all think the same way.....

24 Aug, 2020


Lincs it is a shame to delete everything....I agree.

24 Aug, 2020


Karen had been talking abut leaving. But Fernever going was a big surprise - I wonder why? He never said anything to indicate he was unhappy here did he?

25 Aug, 2020


Not that I know of Stera......

25 Aug, 2020


When I clicked on her blog yesterday I, too, got "account deleted" message & the same again today! ;(

I had no idea that Paul had done the same! ;(

26 Aug, 2020


Sorry to hear that Karen has left the site. She shared some lovely photos.

28 Aug, 2020

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