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It was our NGS lunch Yesterday, we usually have it in the month of March, so when we heard it was to be in February, we were rather dubious as to whether we would make it, health wise and weather wise!!

Well the weather was horrible, rained most of the way, luckily we took the motorway, rather than the scenic route, apparently large areas were flooded and several trees down…

The lunch, as usual is a wonderful way to catch up with all those opening their gardens, buy and sell plants, and catch up with the gossip.

Penny Snell the Chairman gave an inspiring talk and presented trowels and forks to those that had been opening their gardens for 20 and 30 years!! such dedication, we were pleased to hear that Hampshire had raised the most amount of money last year, yet again! over £192.000 a target which we hope to beat again this year….we shall see.

After lunch, we were invited back to see one of our organisers garden, which he apologised profusely about, stating that due the weather was not up to his usual standard, here are some of my photographs….

Please note the mistletoe growing in the apple tree, a shame the sun was not out, to do justice to the Eranthis and the millions of Crocus Tommasinianus and Galanthus planted under trees.

In one of the fields Mark and Jackie have created a winter stem border with varieties of Cornus, and Salix every colour you could think of, stunning, especially as they have to contend with the deer eating their beloved plants!!

This a small selection of photographs taken at Down House, there is a Vineyard with over 1300 vines, which in 2013 produced 450 litres of white, rosé and red wine…..
Also a Potager….u-cordon apples, step-over pears, standard roses, each of the 16 beds edged with box…..

This is a very exciting Hampshire garden, which runs down to the river Itchen with glorious scenery, and a very forward thinking couple, all this has been created in just 13 years, using well drained chalk and flinty soil only 9 inches deep, I cannot wait to see what else they might come up with….
If you want to visit they are in the Yellow Book and the website is
Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed the short visit to lovely Hampshire.

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Glad to read you had a good day out. What beautiful surroundings to end your day. Those gardens are amazing.
I'm reading this on my phone at work but will be back tomorrow for a look on a bigger screen.

19 Feb, 2014


Seems more like a park than a garden, DD2, what a lot of hard work must have gone into it. Glad you had a good day out in spite of the weather. That lady sat on the bench looks like she needs a cup (or glass) of something warming :)

19 Feb, 2014


All that in 13 years!! Its amazing.

19 Feb, 2014


13 years?! What an achievement! At this time of year I could really use a garden visit like that. How fantastic is Hampshire....raising all that money for charity by gardening. I'm glad you got there and back safely A! Come to think of's about time I got over to Fife,to Cambo hOuse to see the snowdrops and their lovely plant stalls and gift shop!

19 Feb, 2014


The generosity of gardeners in this country is one of its
assets. Well borne out by the blogs on Goy website.

20 Feb, 2014


Lovely blog Dottie and wonderful garden, must be like walking through different compartments. I love the sculptured figure. Thankyou.

20 Feb, 2014


love the sculptured figure....

20 Feb, 2014


Oh My!!!!! thats more like a country estate than a garden, it looks lovely Dd, thankyou for sharing your visit with us....

20 Feb, 2014


What a lovely day to share with like minded friends and a staggering amount of money that you all contributed to making. Enjoyed seeing your friends garden especially the cornus and salix like a hedgerow on fire.

20 Feb, 2014


Those gardens are fantastic ! It must be nice to have a get together like this meeting all the other gardeners.

20 Feb, 2014


glad you made the trip safely despite the weather. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

20 Feb, 2014


What a wonderful garden! It was very good of you to post some of your wonderful photos of the garden! :-))

20 Feb, 2014


It's a lovely garden with all those early bulbs flowering, and the Cornus is so colourful too :o) It must have been a pleasure to walk around it ...

21 Feb, 2014


Absolutely beautiful. I shall make a point of visiting it, will look it up in the yellow book as soon as it's available.

21 Feb, 2014


Feverfew they open in June, hope you will be able to make it, certainly worth the effort...
Hywel despite the wet underfoot, it was a pleasure to see a true country garden.....
Balcony you are welcome, so many different gardens open in Hampshire, from country estates to tiny ones like ours....
SB thanks it was a pleasure.....
Rose I look forward to the lunch every year, it means that spring is not far behind...
Stroller, I could not do justice to the colours, it was quite extraordinary...
Lincs it was a good
Marybells, me too, they were not many statues, in fact one in the pool (which I did not show, a bit saucy!!) and this one....
Lindak your welcome....
DianeB we rely on that generosity every year in the NGS.... I do not know where we would be without it....
Karen it was hard to believe that so much had been created in 13 years, the design was so in keeping too.
Scottish and Stera I was hoping I would be fit enough to cope with the walking, we did not do the whole of the garden, the vineyards etc, just looked over the hedge!!
Gee, it is more a park compared to ours lol I would not like having to prune all the Yew, Box, Hornbeam etc...
Thanks for your comments, we are very lucky in Hampshire to have so many people willing to open their gardens to the public, because it is hard work, believe me, even our tiny one takes the two of us weeks to get ready for the big day.....

22 Feb, 2014


What a superb place Dotty - pleased you were able to attend and thank you so much for the wonderful photos .......

23 Feb, 2014


You are very welcome Shirley....

25 Feb, 2014

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