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As promised some more yellow to brighten your garden……

Here we have Phormium Yellow Wave, Leycesteria Golden Lanterns (Karen I love it!!) and a Euyonymus.
Ribes Brocklebankii has bright pink flowers!!
Phyllostachys aureosulcata.

Hakonechloa Albo-Striata.
Millum Effusum aureum.
Sobaria Sem (thanks Amy)

Spirea and Aucuba Variegata.

Choisya Tenata Sundance, always a crowd pleaser….
Acer turned from orange to Yellow….

Sambucus Sutherland Gold,
Ceratastigma Desert Skies, beautiful blue flowers…
Dwarf Bamboo…

Erysimum dwarf variety….
And a pot of Hakoncholoa All Gold.
So there we have a few of our yellow plants, I could go on, but I dont want to bore you all rigid, some will stay yellow all the year and some will turn lime, but so reliable, and mixed in with brown and black……lovely.
Thanks for looking.

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Bright and cheerful. I love acers and sambucus.

16 May, 2013


Thanks Tuesdaybear...

16 May, 2013


This is lovely! All your plants are looking very lush! It took me ages to spot the golden lanterns, but you'll get amazing growth. mine really took off in the second year, and grew to about 6 feet, and blocked out my light at the front had to go. But I got another for the back, and am hoping it will also take off this year.

16 May, 2013


Really love that hakonechloea

16 May, 2013


Very mellow yellow!! I think my hakonechloea has died - it is in a pot and all I see is dead foliage!! Never mind!
Another lovely yellow is Physocarpus Nugget - it's on my picture page it truly does gleam!

16 May, 2013


I have lots of the tiny Erysimum Dd...such a vibrant little thing...:>)

17 May, 2013


I do like how you have arranged your blogs Dd. The Erysimum, Sambucus Sutherland Gold and the Hakonechloa Albo-Striata I think are particularly lovely.
I bought the Sambucus Sutherland Gold last year as plug plants but they are still only tiny. I was hoping for something resembling yours by Hopefully next year.. :o)

17 May, 2013


Thanks HB the Sutherland Gold will grow quickly believe me, we will have to fine tune some of the plants, frightened to move the Nandina as it has taken us about 5 years to get it to do any growing at all!! and I love the hake hake (as we call it) so vibrant....
Motty it does seed around and I am quite happy to let it.
Physocarpus are such lovely foliage plants, we have two of the brown and the yellow, sorry you lost your grass Scottish, they are usually hardy.
Karen it was only a tiny plant when I sent for it, so I am pleased with how it is developing, (the last one the green)
grew enormous, hoping this will be more restrained?
I am very fond of the yellow grass, have several different ones, look fabulous in containers as well as the borders....

17 May, 2013


Lovely selection of plants Dottie.

18 May, 2013


Thanks Lindak, found a lot more today!!

18 May, 2013


The plants are certainly growing fast now, they have a lot of catching up to do. A couple of our acers have only just sprung into life again.

19 May, 2013


Lovely choisya :-), love the acer too and the caryopteris which I had too till that awful winter which finished it off, not seen one since its now replaced with Agastache 'Golden Jubilee' :-)

19 May, 2013


Lindak perfect April weather now, light rain and sunshine, but the forecast is still so unsettled......
Simbad Caryopteris are tender at the best of times, but they are such lovely Shrubs, Agastache a good replacement...

19 May, 2013

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