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I was up bright and early this morning, all excited to finally start some planting, I finished digging yesterday, AT LAST!
I Brought the plants from the Ghouse..The list so far..

3 phormium
3 Hosta Big Daddy
2 hosta Fire and Ice
3 Foxglove Excelsior
2 Foxglove Alba
2 foxglove Pink!
2 Lupins pink
1 Lupin White
3 Astilbe.
6 Stachys
6 Heucerah Purple Palace
3 salvia,East Friesland ( going to buy some more)
And started Planting :)

Another upstairs window Pic, the only way to get the borders in the same shot…

My sis has heard about another nursery near us, So were going tomorrow Woohoo, I fancy some Verbina , Also i need a couple of the smaller Foxgloves for the raised bed, And and and hehe…

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This is looking fab. Dee.
Good one.
Are you sticking to a plan, or do you think at the nursery there will be a few impulse purchases ? Lol

10 Apr, 2009


I always think that planting is the best bit - you've done all the hard work of preparation and now - PLANTS!!!

Well done - I bet you feel really good about your new-look front garden! :-)

10 Apr, 2009


Yeah TT im deffo sticking to a plan Hahahaha, im going to write a list of what i need because im lacking in the colour Purple :) But I just know I wont be able to resist any bargains, Also I have a couple of beds to fill in the back garden, Ooooh just remembered, My Fab bargain front door Pots need something, OMG good job i was paid double time for work this Afternoon...

10 Apr, 2009


I do Spritz, its a Pleasure Now, I lost my way with the Old garden, just put a few plants near the front door and that was it.. And I know how Lucky I am, Great Hub and all that :)))
Forgot to say, Theres 18. 75ltr bags of compost added plus 2 bags of Chicken Pellets ( pooh they stink ) and ive dug over those borders 5 times!!! Still finding bulbs and stones today haha..

10 Apr, 2009


i think your plants are going to do very well in all that compost.
the finished front looks great bye the way.............steve

11 Apr, 2009


Its looking great, just wait till the plants start to fill out.
I cant help buying on impulse, its a major failing of mine i'm afraid. All my plans become a bit blurred at the edges.
Almost one and a half metric tonnes of compost!! you should invest in a large "Radox" methinks!
Happy Easter.

11 Apr, 2009


Garden Looking Great Dee, it may be hard work at the begining but when you stand back and see what you have done and when all your plants are in bloom, you will be to crack open a few WKDs.. happy easter!. john.

11 Apr, 2009


It looks wonderfull now :o)

11 Apr, 2009


wow look at how tidy your garden is. everything looks perfect

well done you
x x

11 Apr, 2009


Planting a new garden is the best bit! Phormiums and hostas will be good for giving foliage colour and if you want to add purple too, don't forget to look at heucheras (I've added eight different ones in various places this spring)

11 Apr, 2009


Followed this with interest Dee amazing that a relatively small area can take such a lot of work you must be so relieved to get to this stage.

It does look beautifully constructed wish you well with your plans - erm given the nature of my garden and its rather wild look , will leave it to others to give recommendations .lol

11 Apr, 2009


Haway the lasses. canny plants too :o)

11 Apr, 2009


Looks well

11 Apr, 2009


Amazed you need more purple, Dee.
I always seem to have too much mauve and purple.. Lol

11 Apr, 2009


Awww Thanks Guys, You are Dead Canny hehe...
One and a half Ton OBeyes! I cant believe i moved all that, I had to carry the bags from the back garden too, I moved them when i jetwashed the Decking Too, Blinking Ink, No wonder my arms ached hahaha..
Hi Scousemonk, (john) Yes its worth all the hard work, can't wait to see the plants in flower, probably made a few mistakes, Wont be the first time :)
Heuchera's Andrew, ive just planted some in the back garden this morning, ill get some more, great idea...
Thanks BB, Clarice, TT, SBG, Steve, Hywel, Mookins, and a Happy Easter Weekend, Been Gorgeous here today, bought more plants ;) some for my new pots and new border, Ooooh Magic...

11 Apr, 2009


All that hard work behind you Dee it looks a treat,well done,now enjoy the best bit and dont forget to relax.

11 Apr, 2009


Wow, its looking lovely. AND....another trip to the GC. Yippee.

12 Apr, 2009


Looks realy nice, please send some photos when it has filled up in a few weeks.

12 Apr, 2009


It has been nice to follow the transition of your yard...
It is looking great!

14 Apr, 2009


It looks beautifully neat and tidy. The plants will add the finishing touch and soften the whole look! Excellent

17 Apr, 2009


Thanks guys, the plants are filling out and looking all lush and green (no casualties) and I planted some Purple Palace Andrew, so looking forward to seeing it all in flower, Thanks for your help and support everyone, means a lot... Love Dee...

17 Apr, 2009


regular photos mind lol

17 Apr, 2009


Nay Bother, Seaburngirl hehe,,

17 Apr, 2009


liriope is a purple flowering autumn bulb thing that would look good too. if you are still after purple! verbena bonariensis is a tall open stemed perenial with beautiful mauve flowers. it gentley self seeds too. have you any michealmas dayies for the autumn. i have a purple one that you can have pieces of if you are interested. send me a pm if you are. it came from seaburn originally so it would be like going home for it haha.

18 Apr, 2009


Im looking out for the Verbina SBG, and I would LOVE some Mdaisie's, how kind and thoughtfull of you, Awww thanks so much..Oooh ill PM you..

23 Apr, 2009

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