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Front Garden Destruction!!!


First of all let me tell you about my front garden, I really dont like it, in fact it has become a chore to maintain, There’s a Huge Tree in th corner, covered in Ivy :( 3 Big Conifers, overgrown Shrubs, horrible wood fencing and a Concrete drive, with 2 huge cracks in it.. The Whole lots coming out, OMG im gonna need my new wellie’s hahaha.. We have a Tree surgeon coming out today to give us an estimate to take it down, rather now than spring before the birds start nesting. A Bricklayer is coming on saturday to give us an Estimate for the new walls, then we need the block paving, A skip for the concrete and plants, I hope I win the Lottery tonight, :))))) Here’s a couple of Before pics of the gardn…

I will keep updating as the work progresses…

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Good luck.
New Year new front garden. What an exciting way to start.

31 Dec, 2008


It doesn't look too bad Dee, except for the tree .
Sometimes it's good to have a change though.
Good luck with the work. I'm sure it will look great after it's done.

31 Dec, 2008


Hywel i did'nt think it looked to bad either,but good look with your new garden, looking forword to seeing it when its done.

31 Dec, 2008


Good luck Daisy, I can understand the lawn may be a chore to maintain. Keep plenty of greenery with the new design though!

31 Dec, 2008


Thanks Guys for your support, i thought i would of been told off about the tree coming down, but a tree surgeon adviced us too, because once we dig into the main roots to build the wall it makes the tree unstable..i know by my pics the garden looks ok but they were taken in july, you should see it now, im too ashamed to take pics :) there's loads of dead vegitation, hundreds of Montbritia (sp) tall grasses that have multiplied, big neglected shrubs, and the list go's on.. now im writing it down my excitements wearing off and im dreading the task ahead... tree surgeons coming at 1 oclock and im ready for the shock of how much it will cost us, :)))

31 Dec, 2008


i hope the shock isnt too much Dee? let us know how you get on

31 Dec, 2008


Hi, The tree surgeons just been, and I can't believe his price.... £200, isn't the brilliant :) I was expecting £400 to £600.. Oh and He's coming Monday :))))) I Can't believe its all happening so quickly, just remembered, he takes it all away with him....

31 Dec, 2008


Thats a great price Dee esp if removing stump and roots a skip costs very nearly that much . You having the whole front block paved ?

Think the tree been choked by ivy and best gone hope you not in a Conservation area I was once when took out a larch tree - Council official found me up it as I was sawing ! oops.

Good luck and hope to see more pics in New Year.

31 Dec, 2008


Nooo Bonkersbon. Funny the Council were passing just then mmm ;) Did you finish the job?..As it happens hub phoned the council Monday in case there was a TPO on it, A knock at the door Tuesday from council with the go ahead, tree surgeon gave us a price today and its coming out Monday, I thought it would take a couple of months!!!
Im leaving some lawn and a border for planting, The Trees gett'n Cut down to ground Level, then im going to build a raised bed in that corner with the same brick as the wall..
My Brains racing round with ideas today, its all happening so quickly :)

31 Dec, 2008


Managed to escape as tree planted less than 6 feet from front door and roots pushing up tiles in hall .Just got long lecture .

Camera fully charged please expect some pics !

31 Dec, 2008


Id Love to see some pics BB, :)))

31 Dec, 2008


Oh bless you - not my pics sorry was asking to see yours as work being done !

31 Dec, 2008


Hahahahaha BB, Trust me :) ill be out on Monday taking pics..Batteries charged and ready..Im still giggling :)

31 Dec, 2008


Good luck with your new project Daisydee .look forward to seeing all your photos of the progress in the new year ....

31 Dec, 2008


WOW daisy, lots going on! good luck.
Have you thought about pattern imprinted concrete instead of block paving? I have never had it but have done some research on it for my job and it seems to have several advantages. You could 'google' it to find out more :)

31 Dec, 2008


Good luck DD.
Taking that tree down will be a bit tricky. Not a bad price at all. We had a huge spruce taken out of our front yard last year. We got a cut price as I knew the arbourist but it still cost us $600 and we hauled the trunk away. :o(

PG, I have a friend who got the imprinted and coloured concrete for her walkway and patio. It looks lovely. It is imprinted and coloured to look like slate. They did a marvellous job.

3 Jan, 2009


The only thing to bear in mind with the imprinted concrete is it will need sealing every three years or so to keep the frost out. I had my driveway done several years ago as it is a large area and worked out cheaper than block paving - you also don't get weeds trying to grow in beteeen each block

3 Jan, 2009


Hi, this all sounds very exciting.
I saw you were considering block paving? Depending on how big the area is, you will probably need planning permission for block paving. It is worth talking to your local authority planning department just to be sure. Check out my blog about block paving, better be safe than sorry..

5 Jan, 2009


How did it go YDD? Did your tree come down? Everything still in one piece? No branches through the roof?

6 Jan, 2009


The Tree came Down, and more :) ive wrote a new Blog with pics..
im going to look at imprinted concrete, and Gilli you did pay a lot considering you had to take it away yourself..
Andrea I will need permission for the Wall and Paving, thanks for reminding me :)

6 Jan, 2009


I'm happy everything is going good. i bet you are excited Dee for the spring/summer to come so you can monkey around with all kinds of ideas. Forget about the price I found it so I multiply by 2x $1 Canadian? Block pavers look great. I have seen concrete poured with colouring in it and then a stamp to give a brick look! Not as great as the real thing but cheaper.

7 Jan, 2009


whata difference...

22 Mar, 2009


Gosh - these are your BEFORE photos? I think your garden looked great as it was! But then I looked at your new garden and think that looks fabulous too, and like others have said, it's good to have a change, and if it's easier to maintain then you'll get more pleasure out of it. Well done, it looks brilliant.

11 Jul, 2009

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