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My family has rocky, timbered acreage, with dryland pastures. I have always been looking for some type of dryland herb, or ornamental that I could possibly plant to grow maybe even commercially, or for medicinal purpose.
There must be something...ideas anyone?
Currently we have fruit trees lining the driveway, and collect the apples and feed to horses all year long as a supplement to their grain and hay. Cherries, pears nectarines, sometimes peaches.
We have a fairly cool and short growing season (snow finally melting in shady spots in late June, as located in a canyon that shades the sunlight in early fall. Every winter it seems there is a two or three week period of 10 to -10 degrees F. Normal mid-winter temp is around 15-30F I'd guess, so whatever I may find to grow would have to endure this range.
Great site! I noticed most of you seem to be from Europe, to me you 'talk' funny! (I read someone chatting about someone having his 'wobbly boots on' ) and seem to enjoy the finer things in life, such as a glass of wine and outdoor activity- good for you!
I'll refrain from posting pictures of my 'barn cats' however.
After all, how many 'cute kitty cats' can a guy look at, my cats weigh up to 150 lbs here, and are definitely not pets (about 36 of my barn cats were eaten by bigger cats a couple years back, and the three left were truly survivors)
The big cats, or lions, have no natural enemies, and some of these 'cougars' have absolutely no fear of humans.
I truly wish they were extinct, and I am not klidding, not in the least. I can do just fine without ever being stalked again in my own back yard. I have been chased over two miles by one of them, and never really got over it, not funny! -Although the gals joking about their husbands on one of these posts may think so lol! Not so funny!, OK I guess it is, sort of...
My guess is that most so called 'experts' on cougars, or mountain lions, that have all these 'environmental wacko, can't we all just get along' thoughts and ideas from so called study and research, live in urban areas, and likely don't factor in the number of encounters that are never reported.
One experience like I had is too many for anyone. Had I been a small child, I'd have no doubt been killed and perhaps eaten swiftly.
Can you tell I am a little biased against letting cougars multiply in areas where humans live?
I don't want to be a statistic, and don't want anyone else to be either. I have a feeling you'll here more about cougar attacks in the Northwest US soon enough, time will tell, I am telling you now. Believe it.
I see them quite often, and they are most often out in the darkest periods when you can hardly see them at all, I like most all of plants, wildlife, and nature, but not lions. So that is a little about me, I really enjoy the site, great idea you all have contributed to. Maybe catnip isn't such a good idea! (<:
Someone had looked at my 'wildlife pics, and when I read their bio, it started with I am single, and... anyway I thought I'd mention that I am single too, except for all my 'critters' on the ranch, it never occurred to me that I may find more than gardening tips here... Suddenly cougars don't seem nearly as frightening!
I have a good sense of humor if you didn't notice, but my shrimp plants don't talk back like you folks do- I enjoy your friendly site. It is refreshing to see some chat that doesn't contain 4-letter words, like many sites and blogs I have seen, I am curious now, are any of you folks authors that have published anything related?

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