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Have you just seen the stunning garden in Corfu on Monty’s latest programme?

It was truly beautiful and I couldn’t believe the shades of green and blue that were everywhere.

The view from the swimming pool was unbelievable!

I do hope you saw it too as it was very special.

Monty was lucky to have been able to visit as it is a very private place.

Isn’t Greece gorgeous? The fields of wild flowers were so very pretty too.

Must get back to viewing now!

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Yes Chris, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this wonderful programme! The blue skies! The sea views! The fields of beautiful wild flowers! It was so interesting to see so many gardens in Greece (didn’t he pack a lot in?). I’ve been lucky to have visited Hydra - for about an hour - and we’ve had a couple of holidays renting villas in north-east Corfu, but I’d love to go back some day.

That extraordinary swimming pool was perfection.
Thanks Chris for the chance to talk about it 🙂.

21 Jan, 2022


Yes I have watched all of Monty,s programmes and I agree that Greece was wonderful. It is a shame that tonight’s program is the last in this series. Let’s hope he does some more.

21 Jan, 2022


I watched the 2nd programme in the series on iPlayer this afternoon.

Monty was so enthusiastic about the wild flower meadows he came across! I don't think I've ever seen him like that before! 😂

Perhaps tomorrow I will watch the next programme.

21 Jan, 2022


I hope you do, Balcony, it is inspiring (and there are more wild flower meadows!).

21 Jan, 2022


That's good 2 of us so far have seen it and one is about to!!
I would happily return to Corfu as long as I could
find the quieter parts.

Sheila is the north east less commercialised?

21 Jan, 2022


It has been such a wonderful series , just the thing for brightening cold January days .

21 Jan, 2022


Driad I totally agree!
The only thing better than watching it would be to actually visit some of these places!

22 Jan, 2022


I haven't seen 😊 but I live in Greece. Northeast

22 Jan, 2022


Thoroughly enjoyed it! Beautiful scenery too! Very cheering to watch during January.

22 Jan, 2022


Chris, I’m not sure about the current situation, but certainly when we were there it was pleasantly unspoilt (no discos or night clubs!). We saw the White House where Lawrence Durrell lived, and had a lovely meal on a beach. I said “Poli kala” which means “very good” and had a hug from the owner!

22 Jan, 2022


Bik. What a beautiful country to live in. Is your part of the country unspoilt by tourism?
Kate. Yes, true escapism.......if only I could escape there right now!
Sheila , thank you and 'Poli kala' to you. We might return in 2023, I would like to. We also like the island of Paxos which isn't far from Corfu.

22 Jan, 2022


I still haven't seen it yet,Chris,but have recorded it. According to the TV supplement ,it's a good job we did,as it doesn't seem to be repeated tomorrow morning,on BBC 2,as the first two were? It's a repeat about Japanese gardens strange !
We enjoyed a holiday in Greece too,a lovely Country..

22 Jan, 2022


I did watch it Chris when you told me about it!
But never got to see it all as Rick had finished with his sport , so will check it out again!
What I did see was beautiful!

23 Jan, 2022


I guess we were lucky to go when we did. We loved Cephalonia too … when there were hardly any tourists, so there are some good things about being elderly!

23 Jan, 2022


I enjoyed the series very much. It's an area I know nothing about, so episodes 2 and 3 were fascinating. And for once it wasn't just about the presenter (although he was good).

23 Jan, 2022


Sandra do tell me what you thought about it - the part I really liked was quite near the beginning.

Rose I think you saw the best bit!

Sheila you are right! There ARE advantages to being older! We went to Cephalonia just once and I remember loving a place called Assos! In fact I can imagine sitting there right now!

Anget I have yet to watch the programme on Croatia so will look forward to that one. You are right - it wasn't just about him.

23 Jan, 2022


I watched all 3 programmes on BBC iPlayer. I liked them very much & it was a great opportunity to see some gardens "off the beaten track"!

25 Jan, 2022


I finally got around to seeing part 3 last night,Chris,and loved it. We never actually went to visit Athens, as we chose to go on the Corinth Canal instead, but what lovely places we were transported to, and a shame the series has ended now. We also watched the Japanese Gardens ,on Sunday mornnig, which brought lovely memories back of visiting the one shown in Tatton Park.:o) .

26 Jan, 2022


Another couple of programmes I have to watch!

26 Jan, 2022


They were such beautiful programmes.

26 Jan, 2022

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