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By wells


I always am interested in the beautiful pots that you all seem to have. We do not do as much potting as you do, but people do tend to have flowers in their house, even a stem or two will suffice. So I thought it would be fun in these bare months to have a look at some of mine.

This came from China from a friend. The wrapping was almost as beautiful as the present.

A Pottery friend. I thought the idea of four holes was very good and pretty for just a few wild flowers.

This one came from a potter in Vermont. She is quite well-known as is her husband Nick. They live and work in Middleton Springs, Vermont. The name of the pottery place is Rising Meadow. A beautiful spot they have.

I never found exactly the right spot for this. Either too much light or not enough….

The clay pot is probably one of the oldest pots we know about from Ancient civilizations.

I use this saucer for petals, water, and bits and pieces discovered in the garden.

This is Marshall’s best. Do you have a Marshalls ?

I found this in a tag sale, but since it is a decoupage watering pot, I use it for dry flowers, and sticks.

A pottery glass for a couple of flowers.

A handy little glass pot from Italy.

A Venetian holder that my mother brought back from her honeymoon.

This one is the beginning of the Handkerchief vase. Steuben introduced it a while back. It is very useful for a formal flower arrangement.

We were painting a “Dutch” arrangement, a very simple one.

I gave this away and got it back.

And the last, just a bit of whimsy.

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Loved looking through your pics. The Venetian glass vase is gorgeous. I love a touch of whimsy, so the frog is a favourite too. Red vase is wonderful & your simple Dutch arrangement is very pretty in that very attractive black vase. Marshals is a great dept store. I visited several whilst in America .....Denver & Michigan. My OH & my oldest son, who we were staying with in Michigan, bought clothes from Marshalls, whilst my daughter-in-law showed me all the beautiful she shoes .....we giggled our way through a pleasant hour, trying on lots of Italian shoes. My almost three year old grandson found our antics quite amusing.

4 Nov, 2012


so glad you had that experience at Marshals, TJX is another offshoot of Marshals, all owned together. TJ can be good for clothes, but Marshals is a hoot. I get stuff there since we have a couple near us. Dwyllis, what does that stand for. Mine is a middle name, if you can believe it I am Posy.

I am hoping some others will post their pots.

4 Nov, 2012


I really love little pots and jugs and have quite a few. Yours are lovely! ( Perhaps I'll post some pictures...) I keep looking back at yours trying to decide which I like best. I think I just like them all!

4 Nov, 2012


What a fabulous collection of pots, jugs and vases you have. That Caladium looks perfectly happy in that spot on your deck. It looks terrific in that green pot.

Love the little jug with the decoupage. It's such a lovely thing. Also loved the glass pot from Italy and the handkerchief vase. The frog pot is wonderful too.

4 Nov, 2012


They're all very nice ... I really like the shape of that red one, and also the glass one of your mother's :o)

4 Nov, 2012


Dwyllis is an ancient Celtic name, but I don't know what it means was the name of the midwife who delivered me, & I was baby number 8 (& the last). I think my English mother either ran out of inspiration or was too tired! My middle names are Myfanwye ( also Celtic Welsh) & Lanair which my mother always told me was Norwegian, but the Norwegian name is spelt Linnear .....perhaps the gas & air was all too much for her. My father wanted to name me Leonie after his Scots mother. I would have preferred that. Posy is such a pretty name & of course gives you an automatic link to gardening! Now you have inspired me to look at all my vases & containers! I just need to find my camera .... & slip into some soft shoes so as not to disturb the 13 week old puppy sleeping at my feet. He has just had his third vaccination, so I am hoping for a quiet day.

4 Nov, 2012


It's a Welsh name (usually spelt Dilys) It was my mother's name. It means 'Genuine' :o)

4 Nov, 2012


Genuine? That's nice. I knew the original Welsh version of my name did not have the w in it. Not sure why my mother spelt it the way she did .....must have been that gas & air for sure! I spent a couple of weeks in Wales when I was about 18, so that is a very long time ago. And then had a few days there when we took our three young'uns for a holiday in Brecon Beacons (I think that is what the area was called). My youngest son was almost four then. He will turn 31 in two weeks! So again a long time ago. We had a lovely time, but it rained a lot, I remember.

5 Nov, 2012


Yes there is an area called the Brecon Beacons. It's a national park. I live by the western tip of it.
It always rains a lot in Wales :o)

5 Nov, 2012


Lovely vases and pots you have there Wells - too hard to pick a favourite.
I much prefer flowers in the garden - don't 'do' flowers in the house. Plants are a huge NO NO - it's too hot inside - heating is never off and they don't survive!!
I'm sure you will have inspired more to put their vases and things on show for us :)

5 Nov, 2012


Lovely selection you have there, I have lots in my home all shapes and sizes, most of which have been bought as gifts over the years..

5 Nov, 2012


Love collection you have your mother chose well also like the one with birds also the curled hole one

5 Nov, 2012


All very interesting to me, When I was much younger, I went to something called the Gold Cup. It was a horse race. And I think it took place in Wales. Am I right? We have many Welch in Vermont who came to work the slate.
Hard workers and a soft streak.

5 Nov, 2012


I think the Gold Cup is in Cheltenham (?) ... That's in England.
Many welsh people emigrated to America.
My 2xgreat-grandfather went to Pitsburg to live after his wife died.

5 Nov, 2012


I like that marshalls!
beautiful pots Wells.

6 Nov, 2012


I love your pots, Dwillis - I think my favourites are the little Italian green glass one and the big terracotta pot (how prosaic) which looks good whatever it has in it. Old Italian houses tend to be incredibly dark (small windows to keep hot sunshine out and the house cool) so cut flowers and pot plants tend to be wasted and die quickly. An army of wicked cats doesn't make for their safe-keeping much, either) However, the plants outside tend make up for a bare house, but I have a cupboardful of unused vases, which is a shame.

6 Nov, 2012


Dwillis, you are right, Cheltenham. I guess Wales, another time. Oh, how I love it all. My brother was born in London because my parents moved to London in 1933. Not a very good time, but my mother loved anything English. In 1939, all Americans were told to go home because of the threat of the Germans. So we left on one of the last boats, three children, a nanny of course, several dogs, and Mom and Dad. When I was 18, I fell madly in love with an Englishman and back I went for a year. (my mother, way ahead of her time) said, "go and live with him and see how you like living in England"), So I did, and missed my family so much, I ended up not marrying him. Now you know that story.

11 Nov, 2012


Hi Wells ...
Amazing story ...
... and great variety of plant containers !

10 Dec, 2012


Lovely pots and vases Wells, such a variety, a great idea for a blog. I bet that Venetian vase cost a fortune as nothing in Venice is reasonably priced! I love terracotta pots, you cannot beat them.

13 Jan, 2013


What a great idea for a blog Wells/Posy! I love the 4-hole pot and the decoupage jug particularly. My first thought was 'I don't think I've got many pots', but I have found a few and will put the photos up for you :)

Vermont is on my Bucket List!

21 May, 2013


Hi Posy . . . you said that you hoped some other members would "post their pots" so I have done just that. Not a patch on your collection though!

21 May, 2013


That was fascinating - what a lovely collection you have. I especially like the first two, the small italian glass and the decoupage but whimsical Mr Froggy is just too cute - I love him. When I get my new phone/camera I will definitely post my pots too.
On a different note, I feel a good novel or maybe a film could come from your life story.

6 Jun, 2013


We crossed Vermont off our bucket list about 14 years ago when we went there to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and OH's 60th Birthday. What a beautiful, sublime part of the world, and the people so kind and welcoming. As you can see from where we've ended up, we tend to like mountainous places.

7 Jun, 2013

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