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A wet Saturday


By wagger


On a cold, wet Saturday afternoon I was in the potting shed potting up some fuschia and candelabra primula plugs when I heard a familiar but unusual aircraft noise. I had to run to the house for my camera so only got the one piccie by the time I got back.

Yes, it was a spitfire, reminding me that it was fete day. I live not far from strike command and they often do a flypast for our village fete. It was just too cold and wet for me to go though so I carried on with my plants. I’d ordered five candalabra primulas, this is them potted up.

Thirteen from five, not bad, eh? Good piccie of the camera strap, too!!

Back in the house I saw movement on the bird table -

The first jay I’ve seen on there. All the barricades on it are to try to keep the pigeons off.

Not such a bad day after all!

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I wish you lot would send our aircraft back. It's too quiet here without them. lol.
Some of them are from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, based here at RAF Coningsby and are flying the country at the mo. Did you see the Lanc' by any chance?

How pretty is that Jay? He's lovely.

8 Jun, 2009


Good pics ~
Nice to see the jay, the spitfire, and lots of primulas...
...and the camera strap :o)

8 Jun, 2009


Oh my goshe thank you how fun you are the best I love the plans also I live near air port and love to hear them fly over God bless you thanks so much.

8 Jun, 2009


Wasn't it a hurricane, Wagger ? We were browsing at the book stall when it went over. The pilot ended with a Victory Roll and everyone gave a cheer in appreciation as it set off in the direction of Oxfordshire.
Did you see the spitfire and hurricane that flew over Strike Command on Thursday evening, shortly after half past eight, to mark the D-Day celebrations? Suddenly the streets were full of people aiming cameras skywards.
The RAF had also brought along their mobile climbing wall to the fete, it has been very popular with the youngsters but sadly due to the weather it was packed away earlier than usual on Saturday.
Despite the weather we enjoyed the fete, we look forward to it every year. I was delighted to find 'Christians in the Community' had plants for sale on their stall, of course that was my first port of call. I bought a lovely young spider plant and a pot of golden rod, and was given a complimentary pot of poppy seedlings.Last year I was very disappointed to find there wasn't a single plant to be had anywhere at the fete!
Those primulas are looking great, Wagger, a good baker's dozen.

8 Jun, 2009


Would you like all the helecopters we get in and out too, Llew - you'd be more than welcome to them!
Yes, the primulas were a bonus - and the Jay, Terra.
Thanks for your kind comments, Lujean.
Hard to tell when in silhuette, Xela - as you had the better view I'm sure you're right. I was in such a rush to get the camera I didn't see it clearly. Glad you enjoyed the fete.

8 Jun, 2009


Very interesting blog, Wagger. Unusual photos. I live under the regular flight path of some of the helicopters from RNAS Culdrose at Helston. Sometimes they fly quite low. I think they're fascinating.
Glad to see you have a Jay visiting. I get one quite often too. It never occurred to me to photograph it, I was too engrossed just watching it! Isn't wildlife wonderful? Except when it eats your plants, that is. Hope nothing eats those lovely healthy ones of yours.

8 Jun, 2009


Often see Jaus flying around just outside the garden on the edge of the woods. They come in the garden very occasionally but have never seen ib this close to the house before. Don't get me started on eating my plants - I have a continual running battle with the slugs and snails. Get some help from thrushes and an occasional visiting hedgehog who leaves his calling card.

8 Jun, 2009


I'll tell you what, Wagger.
I'll swap your helicopters for our Eurofighters. Noise!!!!! you've never heard the like, lol. Mind you, incredible aircraft.

Living here, we get all sorts, but every time without fail when I see any of the 'oldies' I get a lump in my throat and then a Typhoon (Eurofighter) comes over and I nearly have a heart attack, lol.

You know, I don't think I've ever actually seen a Jay. I wish I got them here, they're so pretty but I only ever see blackbirds and sparrows. I like them too, mind. :o)

8 Jun, 2009


You need to move here Llew. We're knee-deep in them!

9 Jun, 2009

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