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Flower pots


Does anyone know a good on-line supplier of plastic flowerpots in the UK?
I’m about to pot up a lot of plants for a local charity and pots from DIY stores would bump the prices up by 50p, which seems a bit harsh.

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Pay a visit to your local garden centres Vincible because the ones i go to are always giving them away free.

Only yesterday i saw the same thing going on at the RHS Wisley garden centre.

Ooops, sorry ..... you asked about online suppliers.
Sorry, didn't read it properly did i ?

11 Jul, 2009


I agree with Louise! You shouldn't need to spend any money at all - I know of at least two Garden Centres that have recycling bins and you can take as many pots as you like...for free!

Or, failing that, why not join your local Freecycle group and put it out as a 'wanted'?? I bet you'd get a lot that way!

11 Jul, 2009


Thanks Louise, Spritzhenry, I'll try the garden centres - probably depends what kind of place ,eh? Can't imagine a somewhere like Dobbies having anything as untidy as old pots taking up potential retail space ;)
I'm curious about the Freecycle thing too - never used that before - registering now ! Probably one of those things you find uses for once the idea has sunk in.

12 Jul, 2009


We've given away flower pots, plants, bulbs, a mattress, a SATNAV, a computer chair and a table on Freecycle.

We've received a propagator, four plant containers and loads of wood from it. It's a great way of recycling!

I wish you luck in finding all the pots you need, either at a Garden Centre or via Freecycle - or both.

Shame you are the other end of the country - I've still got a lot of spare pots!

12 Jul, 2009

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