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Goji plants from seed


I now have a tray of goji seedlings raised from seeds that were extracted from dried goji berries. I obtained the dried berries from a ‘trail mix’ bought at a local supermarket. The seeds are the size of poppy-seeds and there are maybe a dozen in a single berry. I steeped them for a few minutes then drained them and dried them on a paper tissue to get rid of any flesh, which I though might encourage fungus if left.Germination was rapid -about a week and it looks like every seed germinated.
There’s an issue about importing bare-rooted goji plants from abroad due to the risk of viruses that could transfer to potato and tomato crops – but seeds and dried fruit are ok.
Goji plants seem to be very hardy and easy to grow and good croppers, so I’m going to have no shortage of vitamin C next in a year or two.

I already have two plants that I bought earlier this year. They’re growing quite vigorously and cuttings were very easy – just leave soft cuttings in water until roots appear!
however, using the seeds will let me give away hundreds of plants without snipping constantly.

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Hi Vincible...are goji berries one of the 'superfoods' they're always talking about? Supposed to be very good for you? Very satisfying to get plants from the seeds of dried fruit!! :0)

8 Jul, 2009


Hi Fluff.. Yup, "grown by monks in Tibet" etc, (ie in the Peoples Republic of China). Ads on youtube will tell you how goji will cure everything and make you live forever, which is nice ;)
After all the hype, I thought the dried berries were a lot less tasty than a raisin, so I'm hoping the fresh ones will be a bit better. They probably do have lots of vitamin C and other stuff though. You can make a 'tea' from the leaves too. I think the growers must be making a killing just now. Holland and Barret online are offering 75g for £2.75, which is £36.66 per kilo!

It started with avocado stones. Since then I've germinated date sones, lychees, rambutans, figs, grape-pips, satsumas, passionfruit... had to stop myself when spotted a sprouting coconut in the supermarket, not having a 100ft hothouse...

9 Jul, 2009


I'm not surprised they're so pricy...Posh Becks eats little else I've heard! I think you're right about the coconut...maybe a little ambitious! ;0)

9 Jul, 2009

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