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Malvern autumn garden show


By valadel


My daughter is taking me to the Malvern garden show on rhe 27th and am so looking forward to it .
Has anybody been before , is anybody going ?
Its been a couple of years since I went to anykind of show , the best I`v had is B’Q and the local garden centre ( oh woe is me). lol.
So hoping this lovely weather keeps up and if youre very good I might tell you all about it when I get back!!!!

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Don't forget the camera!!!

13 Sep, 2009


I'm going again Valadel and i think Spritzhenry and Grindle are too :)
This is one of the best shows - in my opinion !

14 Sep, 2009


Louise I`m so pleased you said it was one of the best, i was a bit worried that because it is at the end of the gardening year that it might not too good, thank you for the assurance.
Yes Bob camera already in the bag !

14 Sep, 2009


Great show, camera and plenty of money, you will see so many lovely plants to buy!!!!

15 Sep, 2009


It's this Saturday :)))))

Is anyone else going apart from Valadel, Spritz, Grindle and myself ?

22 Sep, 2009


Hope everyone had a great time at Malvern. I went there 2 years running and had a wonderful day both times. The place is set in such beautiful surroundings.

31 Jul, 2010


Hello Valadel! If that is the Autumn garden show at Malvern, it is on Sat 25th and Sun 26th, as only two day event in the Autumn, instead of the three day event at the Spring Garden show in May. We are going on the Sunday, and yes, it is so well worth a visit...I love it and wouldn't miss it for the world...lots and lots to see and do! If you are going on the Sunday we could try and meet up.... :~))))x

1 Sep, 2010


Hya Flori', yes we did go last year and had a spiffin' time, sad to say not this year as my daughter and I went to the Gardeners World Birmingham last June and we can only do one a year ( spend too much money, I mean theres not much point in going if you don't LOL )
Thanks for asking anyway, would be lovely to meet up.
When we went to G W, I stuck a hand made GoY badge on my chest in the hope some fellow GoYers would speak ----- no one did,--- my daughter thought I was mad !
Best wishes and have a lovely time.
Val x

1 Sep, 2010


I had to smile when I checked the date of this blog, duh! Am not the most observant soul Valadel....Glad you had a great time when you went last year...I got very wet at the Spring Show in May, so am hoping that the Autumn Show will be a bit better weather wise! :~))x

6 Sep, 2010


Wish I was coming with you. x

6 Sep, 2010


I wish you were too, my friend...but there's always the next Spring Show to look forward to...:~))xxx

6 Sep, 2010

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