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More Foxy doings!


By twiggy


Woke up a couple of nights ago at around 1.00a.m. to hear a bizarre noise outside – sounded like a giant piece of soft paper being rustled aound accompanied by an odd little yip sort of sound. Finally had to get out of bed & have a look & was stunned to see a fox jumping onto the top of our little Euonymus hedge (it’s approx 2′ × 2′) – there must have been a mouse in there somewhere because the fox kept charging round on the grass then launching itself onto the hedge, landing spread-eagled on top & shoving it’s nose down into the foliage. The only down side was that the hedge looked distinctly sorry for itself the next morning. Must check if there was a full moon that night!!

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this made me laugh out loud. i would love to have seen this.

21 Nov, 2009


Brilliant !

21 Nov, 2009


My imagination is running riot :))))

21 Nov, 2009


That must have been fun to watch I hope what ever it was escaped?

21 Nov, 2009


Oh Joy! what I would have given to see and photograph that, I love the fox, how anyone can hunt such a lovely animal is beyond me.

22 Nov, 2009


Considering we live in a typical built up suburb the foxes are absolutely fearless! They pootle around in the middle of the road at night oblivious to everything else - and they're so flippin' noisy! When there are cubs, and they've been allowed to wander, they play for hours out on the front gardens and road calling to each other in those hard barking & yipping noises. Add the sounds of the Owl out on the hunt accompanied by the heart-wrenching noise of the poor thing it's after and some nights I wish we lived in the country! (& that's before I get up & find the mouse brought in by our youngest cat - usually still alive by the way!) :))

22 Nov, 2009


That was so funny. You're lucky to have so much wildlife. I haven't heard an owl for years - or maybe I'm asleep!
That was interesting on Autumn Watch when they explained the T-wit-T-woo
sound they make, that the male (or vice versa) makes the T-wit and the female replies with T-woo.
Some years ago our son and daughter-in-law had new garden furniture with 2 loungers, and at night two foxes settled themselves on the loungers, one each.. Wish they'd photographed it.
A very interesting blog Twiggy

22 Nov, 2009


How lovely Twiggy they are beautiful animals and so clever as well.

22 Nov, 2009


Luckily all the neighbours seem to be tolerant of the foxes which is a relief. We're always a bit cautious because of our 2 cats but so far so good!
I didn't know that about the owls Mad - we've never actually seen 'our' owls but I'll be listening out more carefully now :))
I've started taking the camera upstairs at night now Bobg in case we get a repeat performance of the star-jumping fox !

24 Nov, 2009

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