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Exam day RHS my garden


I sat my RHS level 2 Hort 1 exam today.

I arrived at the college feeling quite confident and ready for the one and a half hour exam. I had my pen, pencil, ruler and rubber and no phone.

We were given the paper to start.
Shock and horror, not one question about formal/informal gardens or garden styles cottage/wildlife etc… Nothing about shrubs, annuals, hardy or not. Nothing about perennials either.

I was also expecting lots on the biology of the plant structure, nothing on Dicotyledon or monocotyledon. Crop rotation didnt pop up either.

There were some questions about seed dormancy, a bit on fruit tree pruning. Of the 16 short answer questions and the three long answer questions, was name four plants for ground cover, name two types of evergreen, a question on Botanical nomenclature, name two types of adapted leaf type and a plant name for each.

I found that my plant names are great when I have a book in front of me, but trying to remember the spelling of them on youre own is a nightmare, especially a cactus that is a million letters long.

I answered all the questions with 30 seconds to spare.

The damage is done now. I have to wait until about the end of July/Aug to find out if I have a pass or not.

Anyway when I got home I had a quick look around the garden to see what was flowering, I soon cheered up.

This last pic is of my boys and myself in the White garden at Arundel Castle at the weekend.

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Awww Treesandthings, I'm sure if your garden is anything to go by, you'll have passed your RHS exam with flying colours! :)

24 Jun, 2009


Its done now so you can relax and I hope you,ve done well.Lovely photographs especially your lilies......

24 Jun, 2009


I agree with Crazydi there, T&t. The sight of your beautiful flowers would lift the weight off anybody's shoulders.
You'll be OK with your exam. I know exactly what you were and are going through, but I was lucky. I got all the questions I was hoping for. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

24 Jun, 2009


Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. bet you're glad today is over.

24 Jun, 2009


ok...I have a question and I know it's because I live in the US. I have gathered that the RHS book is an excellant plant resource. But what I would like to know is what does taking the RHS exam do for you? Allow you to work somewhere? Allow you to have an "open garden" like I have read about several members doing or just for the knowlege. Just curious...MEOW...I'm dieing over here LOL.

24 Jun, 2009


i wish my garden looked like that.... and if it did i wouldnt worry about my results... but all the best for them anyway... :0)

25 Jun, 2009


Kmccue07, the RHS is the leading Horticultural society around the world. They train students all over the world and know every thing there is to know about plants.

I am studying the course via correspondence as I have a full time job. The qualification is something that proves to myself that I know a bit more about gardening than I thought. It covers all aspects of gardening, propogation, biology, design, fruit, veg, soil plus lots more.

It is recognised by anyone in the garden/plant industry around the world.

So when I do make that leap into another career I hopefully will have a qualification to back up my knowledge.

Hope that helps.

25 Jun, 2009


Thank you TandT, I am suprised to find out that RHS is world wide. Although I am just a hobbiest in regards to gardening I do receive gardening magazine and would have thought I would have heard of them before GOY. Thanks for the info though...this cat is no longer dieing.
(didn't know you were a rescue worker too did ya? :) )

25 Jun, 2009


Well those photos would cheer anyone up :o)
Often the exams we think we do worst in are the ones we do best in.
I'm sure I've got that cactus that's a million letters long in my collection :o)

25 Jun, 2009


Hope your exam results are better than you think. Pass or fail you have a beautiful garden and you HAVE increased your knowledge. Well done, lovely photos.

26 Jun, 2009

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