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Winter is coming leaves to collect.


The weekend is here and there is plenty to do.
Ive got loads of leaves to pick up especially in the front garden, as there are two large oaks, my cherry and we seem to get everyone elses leaves blow into ours. Not that I mind as I collect them with a leaf blower/sucker that I got as a Christmas present two years ago. This sucks and chops them before I put them in a compost bin to rot down.

The other week I emptied my leaf mould bin and spread amongst the borders and around the fruit trees. it had been rotting down for one year and was a lovely and crumble.

at the moment I have my fire pit out burning excess wood whilst clearing an area behind the shed to make room for storing more plants.

Once this is done, I’m off to the garden centre to see if the box (buxus) is still there that I saw last week as it is reduced (£12.00) and I’m sure I can start triming it into a bear. I say bear as when I passed it last week I thought it lent it self to that sought of shape.

Have a good weekend I know it’s raining in most parts but there is still the greenhouse to play in and garden centres to visit. If you can dodge peolpe buying tat.

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What I want to know, tt, is why all the trees can't shed their leaves at the same time. Then we could have a whole weekend clearing the lot - and be done with it! My ornamental grapevine started to shed its leaves some time ago, and I am still picking odd ones up. The poplars have just about shed all theirs, that was last weekend's task, but the horse chestnut, beech and silver birch are still shedding leaves gradually, and the ash trees are still green with just a few on the ground! So leaf raking goes on for weeks in my garden - and weeks - and weeks!

Should the weather be dry, the mower comes into use, but it isn't and hasn't....LOL... I suppose it's good exercise.

Good luck with your box- hope it's still there.

1 Nov, 2008


My bears, Bruno and Barney, have started practising in case they have to deal with your boxing bear

1 Nov, 2008


Well the box was still there, so its been bought. I shall take some pics of before and after but you must have vision, otherwise you will think it's just a bush that has been drastically chopped.

With regards to leaf fall Spritz, it gives you a good reason to keep going out in the garden as opposed to looking at it through the windows.

1 Nov, 2008


I've only been out with Henry today - it's raining and the wind made my eyes stream, so I am hibernating this afternoon - with the logburner.

1 Nov, 2008


We have a tulip tree and the leaves are now falling and they are the size of dinner plates! Suppose they'll have to be picked by hand, what great fun. Our ride on mower is good for leaf collecting as you can suck them up without the blades running, so they dont get chopped up.

1 Nov, 2008


I used to collect leaves in my old garden . It was surrounded by trees. There are none here so I'm going to miss my leaf mold. I'll have to collect them from the road I think.

1 Nov, 2008

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