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Propagating Fuchsia


The web address above shows you how to take cuttings from fuchsias with pictures.

May help if like me, you have never tried propagation of fuchsias and fancy having ago at Scotkats challenge.

thank you to Skippy for sharing this site.

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I'll have to have a look. Although I grow lots I'm hopeless with cutungs.

2 Oct, 2008


Just taken some cuttings, will post a pic as this is day one, to Scotkats august count down.

2 Oct, 2008


Would have thought there enough expertise on this site to tell how to take fuschia cuttings.Not difficult been given great advice by others including yourselves so why refer elsewhere? Defeats the object of sharing with one another doesnt it? We could just google everything and cut out discussion.

2 Oct, 2008


Ah but ...... there are so many variables in gardening , soil type, ph levels, quality of water, light levels, etc etc. What will work very well in one situation proves to be inappropriate in another. Hence there is so much to discover, to discuss and to mull over, and where better to do this than GoY!
Now if it has stopped raining I'm off to lift and divide Paul's narcissi (yes, I know I am nearly two months behind ..... if I'm lucky and the weather is kind I shall catch up and have fuchsia cuttings by the end of this month Lol).

7 Oct, 2008


Well true Xela but we not talking about orchids are we?
Stick fuschia cuttings in a pot keep frost free even on a shelf indoors.If I can do it in North Yorks then hey anyone can.Why we have to turn gardening into rocket science?

7 Oct, 2008


The best time to take Fuchsia cuttings is in the spring, and it is simplicity itself as they are so willing to root at this time of year,
Look for a nice healthy shoot and take your cutting from just above a leaf joint 2 to 3 inches long,
trim the shoot to just below a leaf joint, and remove the lower set of leaves,
the prepaired cutting can now be inserted into a container with 50-50 compost and sharp sand or perlite,

I do not find it nessisary to use hormone rooting powder/jell
keep on a window sill or in ghouse and protect from strong sunlight,
Rooting will take place in about 4wks,
Pot up into a three inch pot and grow on.
Pinch out the growing tip when about 3 or4 sets of leave's have developed, unless you want to grow a standard, this will ensure a nice bushy plant,

6 Nov, 2008

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