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Success with a 10yr old


I awoke this morning to find my ten year old eating his cereal whilst looking at one of my gardening books. He asked if we could do some leaf cuttings?

The previous night before bed we were busy looking at different types of propagation.

So while the iron was hot it was down to the greenhouse, where we filled a small seed tray and took 3 leaves off of a African violet.

Lets hope this works.

I showed him some of my new poppies that were root cuttings.

Fingers crossed as this could be the start of something big. Little things like this could get him hooked for life.

He is now playing football.

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Great that he's interested. I reckon if any of those leaf cuttings take, he'll be hooked

21 Sep, 2008


lol exellent blog, fingers crossed for you :-)

21 Sep, 2008


This demonstrates the most effective way of learning is by actual 'hands on' experience.
Well done and congratulations!

21 Sep, 2008


I hope they all take. He will be so chuffed.

21 Sep, 2008


If one takes he will be happy.

22 Sep, 2008


O.K., I'm showing my ignorance here...but I have to ask. Laying leaves in a tray of soil and then...... what?..........

22 Sep, 2008


These pieces of leaf have their main vein in contact with the surface of the compost. This is where the new plantlets should form. It's a cheap in expensive way of getting more of your favourite plants.
There are other methods, to get the same results (more plants) but this is a no fuss way to keep a 10 yr old impressed, with dad's garden magic.

1198 give it ago, you will become a magician youreself.

22 Sep, 2008


Well done you. we're doing Veg with the girls 7 and 9 now they lost interest but this has now been rekindeled as the peas are flowering and look pretty not sure this was the oint but don't care as long as they care thats all thats important just hope they don't all die or get eaten by the killer slugs.

Great stuff with the leaves gunna give this ago i kinda fancy the magician thing.

23 Sep, 2008


This is fantastic. I love the idea of youngsters getting involved with gardening, mainly 'cause it's outdoors. Gets them away from the tv/computer games. Good clean fun! (apart from the soil that is) :)

24 Sep, 2008


our 9 yr old grandson loves to stay with us, he helps in the garden, picking the veg for dinner is his favorite, but digging is up there as well, i think getting dirty is the objective ,but planting out and sowing don't seem as interesting to him.

24 Sep, 2008


Steve, my lad Harry was over the moon that his sweet peas grew taller than mine.

We sowed them in pots last October, then labled them as Harry's peas. He knew which ones was his and was keen to see them grow.
We have saved some seeds for this October.

26 Sep, 2008


I've got 4 children all of them loved helping in the garden up untill the teenage years. david the eldest has become a landscape/gardener. as for the others helping in the garden = phone

3 Nov, 2008

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