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New Allotment March 2016


Well the digging started and things are beginning to look a little more ship shape and tidy. Been sensible with the digging too – one day on and at least one day off. Back still good at moment.

Was down the council recycle depot yesterday dropping off a load of pruned ivy from the back garden. So I went over to "Builder’s Rubble skip looking for some discarded paving flags. A “job worthy” came over and told me that nothing could be taken out of the skips once they were deposited “’gainst rules” he said. Fair enough I said, but isn’t it a bit daft not to recycle materials rather than land fill. And its funny how once you engage with somebody and begin a conversation (and aren’t unreasonable yourself!) how attitudes change. We chatted for a while and his final comment was “What I don’t see ……I can’t do anything about!….” as he walked away.

So I had a rummage about but nothing worth having was spotted when another chap who had been listening to our conversation said " I’ve got some flags that you can have if you pick them up". How many? I asked. Lots at least 20. Blimey! my heart picked up and I said I’ll follow you back to your house and pick them up – or at least start the process.

True to his claim there was a big stack of flags by the side of his house. So I lifted the first one and set off for the boot of my Focus. Now I realise that I am getting older but these were the heaviest flags that I have lifted for years …and years. I could just about manage so collected three and put them in the boot. Hard to put in and hard to get out. But I eventually managed and dumped them (with help of trolley) on my plot. It’s a real shame but I won’t collect any more as they are just too heavy to manoeuvre easily.

So two positive things about the morning – reasonable council employees and it is uplifting to see how generous are the general public. Someone with no thought of reward himself quite happy to help out a complete stranger!

It puts the load of self centred nonsense and horrible stories I read in the daily papers into perspective! Generally people are pretty good. That’s my experience anyway!

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That's a nice big plot you have there. What a shame you couldn't collect the rest of the flags. Not worth risking your back for though. And its a funny thing that flags get heavier as you get older...

9 Mar, 2016


Everyone needs help sometime. Dont be too proud to accept it.

10 Mar, 2016


you're getting on really well....shame about the flagstones.
I laid a couplke of bases last for my shed with slabs that i purchased from BandQ and they were nice and light, fairly thgin bvut perfectly adequate on dry sand and cement mix but, when laying tthe base for my greehouyse, i utilised slabs that were under the old rotten shed that we inherited when we bought the house 15 months ago.Crikey, these were really heavy and just moving them a few feet then manouvering them to get the level was a real struggle so i can imagine why you decided against getting anymore. I wonder, if perhaps they were ex council footpath flagstones??

10 Mar, 2016


Wow! Looks like hard work Tom.

10 Mar, 2016


Gravel comes in smaller bags and is easier to spread

Best to get the heavy type Builders' gravel.
I moved a lot of this last year, just using a small bucket.

12 Mar, 2016


Diane you are one of life's grafters...

12 Mar, 2016

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