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Collecting apples 19th October 2015


Always a bit undecided about our apple tree and when is the best time to pick. So I’ve left it late this year after doing a bit of research on t’internet. The consensus view was to leave until they came off easily in your hand with a small twist and/or when you started to see a number of " windfalls" that were not with maggot and otherwise good.

Well both conditions applied to our tree at the present time and with warnings of gales on Wednesday I took the opportunity to start picking this afternoon. I soon picked a box full and probably will have the same number tomorrow with the help of my old stepladder.

I will store them in the garage for the next few weeks while they sweeten/ripen up and hopefully catch them before they go over the top (i.e. go dry and lose their juiciness) or go mouldy. Actually most years I’ve been pretty rubbish at this sort of timing generally because I forget about them until its too late or disaster has struck. This year I plan to be more “on the ball”. We shall see.

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They look great. You might be able to scrounge some of those apple trays from supermarkets - the ones that keep every one separate. Then when one goes off it doesn't infect the rest.

19 Oct, 2015


Sounds like good advice!

19 Oct, 2015


Nice crop you have there. What type are they?

20 Oct, 2015


Ellison's Orange . Don't know if I would recommend them as I've never really liked the taste after storage. It's OK. but not quite as good as my other favourite English apples. The catalogues say that it can develop "a distinct aniseed taste on storage". Which sounds great as I love aniseed however the reality is not quite as good. Maybe again I've not timed them right and should keep trying an example every day or so until they are ready.

20 Oct, 2015


I collect and store from one of ours, I am collecting fallen ones daily but haven't yet stripped the tree, I do use some of the apples for cooking but we never eat one that has been stored otherwise as I agree the taste is not to our liking, however I put them out for the birds and unlike my family they really do appreciate them...

20 Oct, 2015


Hi Tom, apples are ready to pick when they break evenly when you tip them back leaving the stalk on, rather like tomatoes, usually end of Sept.
Don't blame yourself for being disappointed with them not storing well,
" E O is one variety that really must be eaten straight from the tree. When you do the apples are crisp and juicy, but sadly they don't stay in good condition for long. Within days the crispness has gone, and they turn woolly. 'Ellison's Orange' is an eating variety so doesn't cook well either."

My fav apple is Worcester Pearmain & that will only store for a week which is why you don't find them in the shops.

25 Oct, 2015


Well the apples are safely stored. Some in the conservatory and some in the loft and I am keeping an eye on them. But more to the point I have started eating them - on started on Wednesday 28th October to be accurate.

First apple from conservatory with a small blemish to cut out was lovely. Better than I remember from last year. Yesterdays not so good (not quite ripe) and today's again lovely. Crisp, tart, sweet and quite juicy.

I wonder how long they will continue before I go off them again. The ones in the loft should last an extra week or so compared to those downstairs. I will keep you posted.

30 Oct, 2015

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