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My Heuchera Babies


These are some of my Heuchera babies from the last couple of years from seed collected from my named varieties of Heuchera/Tiarella.

As you can see, they come in a vast variety of colour and shape.

All kinds of green

In fact any colour you like.
There are lots that are nothing like the original named varieties the seed came from.

I hope you like them, I can’t wait for next years babies.

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Well done! Don't you just love creating new hybrids. My best piece of advise is prepare for the day you know you have too many and have to start selecting which to keep and which to compost. There isn't enough space for everything, unfortunately.

5 Nov, 2016


Just so - first reaction was to admire them, second to wonder if you have room for them! I can't bring myself to compost healthy attractive plants - Perhaps some will be going to a bazaar or something?
What a wonderful result - you must be thrilled to bits.

5 Nov, 2016


What a super array of different foliage. Are the Heuchera and Tiarella growing in the same border, then you might have some Heicherellas in that selection too.

5 Nov, 2016


Wow Thornyside, I am impressed. What a wonderful collection of "pretty leaves". Congratulation.
Love the combination of colours in the last picture.

5 Nov, 2016


this is why I love biology. genetics in action. lets hope some go on to flower spectacularly. keep it up.

5 Nov, 2016


Wow what a lovely selection of colours, well done!!
The dark ones always do well here strangely the lighter colours don't.

5 Nov, 2016


I'm well impressed, your own strains! You could always Freecycle the surplus. I got the most wonderfull plants this summer from people on there who were thinning out. Just this morning noticed an autumn crocus coming up from a bunch of pointed leaves in the holding bay?? as they were all unlabeled I had little idea what most of them were. It must be more satisfactory than adding them to the compost heap...

5 Nov, 2016


That's wonderful. So many different ones !
I like them but I'm just not very good at growing them. I never thought of collecting the seeds. That's something I'll try next year :)

5 Nov, 2016


Thanks everyone for your comments.
Space is already the problem Wylie. The idea was that I was going to take them to the nursery but with rabbits, a daily visit from a deer and whatever else eats the leaves, I haven't yet.
Yes Siris, the original named plants grow close together so there will probably be Heucherella too. Telling the difference is the tricky bit!.
The "pretty leaves" are all year round so something to look at in winter too Klahanie.
Quite a few flowered already Seaburngirl, mostly cream/white flowers.
I found a few baby self seeders three years ago Hywel which was what prompted me to save seed.
I know some have got to go but how do you choose?

6 Nov, 2016


Wonderful selection there ... so many colours and varying leaf shapes. I was really disappointed last week when I pulled a dead leaf from a Heuchera, only to find the whole plant came away in my hand. It was in a pot, tipped out the soil and found about a dozen Vine Weevil grubs within. That's a first for me as not seen them here before.

6 Nov, 2016


First let me congratulate you on getting so many in to leaf, well done indeed, and so many different ones too...
Secondly Shirley we have already lost some of our best ones to vine weevil, also a few succulents, apparently they are eating more variety of plants than ever.......which is bad news!!

29 Nov, 2016


That's not good news ... :o(

30 Nov, 2016

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