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I'm a plant-crazy Scotsman trying to recreate a Himalayan hillside or Caucasian clifftop on an East London rooftop. I'm obsessed with Irises, Meconopsis, Fritillarias, Rhododendrons, Primulas and pretty much any flowering plant. I love growing something unusual from seed and having plants I know won't be found anywhere else in the city but Kew.

In my blog I try to convey my childish excitement at a new shoot, a rare bloom or success with "difficult" seeds.
Read my daily updates on what I'm sowing, growing and throwing at I'm currently struggling with how to keep potted candelabra primulas wet for 10 days as I head to Egypt for my second passion: scuba diving

Latest photos

  • A bee with taste (Tricyrtis formosana (Toad Lily))
  • The first pink toad I've ever seen (Tricyrtis formosana "Hototogisu")
  • Have you seen a better blue in nature? (Salvia patens (Sage))
  • Red Petunia and bee

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My own little world of plants

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